Solstice and Full Moon Vibes

Is anyone else as fascinated by the moon as I am? I was once told in an intuited guidance session facilitated by another healer that the ‘moon won’t matter to you anymore’ once I evolved further down my path& connected to Source. This advice didn’t sit with me so well as it’s not like the moon will disappear from my life completely; it will still be there. The moon is part of source energy as everything is one and a reminder of the law of opposites/duality. I feel the moon is still relevant, perhaps more so when a deeper connection is made. It’s part of the linear structure of our days and years. Even though I’m sure ‘time’ somewhere else in this universe is not linear, but right here on earth, it is. Who knows this reading may have some truth in it, I might change my perception one day but for now I’m all about the Moon!

 The moon has both scientific and metaphysical properties that intrigue me. On an energetic level, the moon does have some effect on our physical being as I know most of you reading this will have felt. The moon governs the tides in the ocean, and as the human body is around 60% water, I believe we can be affected too. We are not putting blame or attachment on the moon for those days we feel scattered, out of sorts or drained but acknowledging its influence. There is a force stronger than our brains can interpret that may send us off balance. We can leave it at that, or we can dig deeper.

Challenging moon days may well have lessons for us to recognise as it is suggested that metaphysically the moon opens doorways to the levels of higher consciousness. It’s like on moon days, full or new; the veils are thinner between our worlds.

 This weekend the veils will be wafer thin, get ready but don’t be scared, this is wonderful energy to work with. Friday 21st December 2018 is Solstice, the shortest day in Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the South. The light shifts as the seasons start to change. Directly following the Solstice is Full Moon in cancer, the Cold Moon, on Saturday 22nd December 5:48 pm UK time or 1:48 am Perth time on Sunday. This event will not occur again until 2094.

As I am currently in the Northern hemisphere, I’m welcoming in the Winter Solstice, my second for 2018 as I was in the South in June. This brings back my balance as in 2017 I experienced two Summer Solstices for the same reason I was travelling. Interesting how things come into equilibrium.

I’ve been observing the energy patterns over the past month since the last Full Moon. Here are the reflections that presented. Have old wounds opened up, people from your past come into mind, and any situations you had forgotten about that have suddenly come up again for assessment? If you find yourself being triggered, it may mean it’s time to close a loop on the things that are pushing your buttons. Notice why these things irritate or cause emotions to bubble up for you. Are these something you can address by changing the way you perceive the situation in this present moment now you are in a different space?

 Full Moon is a time for gratitude, saying thank you for everything we appreciate and also the lessons that arise for healing. Being grateful for the opportunity to close karmic cycles and heal, so we don’t keep carrying them along. Full Moon is a great time to press the reset button too, especially as we are on the edge of the year turning. We can restart at any time; however, there seems to be a strong power when the moon is at it’s fullest. Maybe it’s the magnetic pull that adds the extra charge. What can we leave behind in 2018 and not take forward to 2019?

Of course, by closing and releasing some old patterns we create space to allow in something new. There is an opportunity for creation by aligning our actions moving forward to our Higher Self vision. Tap into your greatest dreams, think big, go long and see what arises. Then start to break down the path to get there into smaller pieces. Make a plan as to what actions that need to be taken to start manifesting. Wishing and waiting won’t cut it action is always needed.

Also, remember that manifesting isn’t about collecting more material goods, that is not the point. To manifest is to invite the possibility of expansion on a Soul level. Drawing experiences and opportunities too you that will enrich your Soul, it’s not about getting more money to buy stuff.  Yes, money may come up as an exchange that then you can invest in something nourishing to assist your progression – a course, a retreat or just the opportunity to work less and enjoy life more because you’re not working 24/7.

 With all this in mind, why not create a ceremony on Friday night or over the weekend. Your personal ritual can take any shape you like; there are no set rules, make it your own. It may be as simple assitting outside under the moonlight and journaling or sitting in reflection. You may attend an organised event or host one yourself for your like-minded friends. Arranging your crystals into an intuitively led grid and placing your intentions for the year ahead, what you are grateful for, the things you’d like to let go of and everything you’d like to see more of in the centre of your grid. Light some incense or make an essential oil blend with the intentionof clearing, cleansing and creating. You may wish to pull a big spread of oracle cards. If you need some inspiration here’s a spread from one of my favourite tarot readers. Perhaps mull things over a mulled wine 😉 There is no limit on what you can do!

 Enjoy the Solstice Full Moon vibes, reflect, be grateful, rejoice, and act with kindness and compassion.

I’ll be back in the New Year for what to expect in 2019. Until then, stay shiny and bright.

P.S WordPress has got all fancy with the latest update but not liking copy and pasting from Word so much. I’m aware some words in this piece may have glued themselves together, even after I’ve unstuck them for those editing geeks out there 😉

New Moon & New Lunar Year February 2018


{ORACLE CARDS} It’s New Moon in Aquarius today and the Solar Eclipse, 5:05 am WA time. It has been exactly six months since I shared a card reading with you all! The last time was on the previous Solar Eclipse in August 2017.

Such a lot has happened in six months. Can you reflect back and see what changes have occurred? Have you made small steps or bold moves forward in a direction that feels good for you? The exact alignment of the sun, moon and earth last appeared in February 2000. If you can remember or were even born at this time, is there anything that was happening in your life that you can draw on today?

The year 2000 for me was a fantastic year in which I finally broke free, experienced life and made considerable headway in my first career direction. I was living in a pretty cool student house full of friends and good times. It was the year I first spent time living in London and fell in love with the vibe. A lot of growing up happened and my independence sored.

Today is also the New Lunar New Year, the year of the Dog. Some intuitive readers have coined 2018 the year of Community, and the energy of the Dog represents the strong bond of companionship, mastery and group energy. The dog is a leader, the Alpha, taking charge and making its own way in the world. Dog’s are fiercely loyal protectors and watch over their packs.



How can we draw in the energy of the dog into our life? Be the strong leader within your life first and allow others to do the same. Remember the small steps we take just for us have a massive impact on the world at large without us even realising. We can help the greater community by staying true to our values and beliefs.

Enjoy today’s card reading, ponder the three cards below and see which calls out to you the most.

Scroll down the page below for your reading.

Big love,





Cards: Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs. Blue Angel Publishing.






{CARD A} Support

Are you in need of some support? Delegate your tasks, ask for help and lighten your load. I feel it’s time to take a break and look after number one first. If you have been running around putting out fires for everyone else, who is putting out your fire?

You do not need to do everything yourself. Even if there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the physical realm to assist you, put it out there to the universe that help is needed. Be open to receiving support in anyway that presents. You never know who knows someone who can pitch in. Asking is the only way. Good luck and sending you lot’s of love xx





{CARD B} Nature

Have you been feeling disconnected, out of sorts or ungrounded? Then it’s time to get out in nature. Hug a tree, take a picnic to the park, and get amongst the greenery or ocean. Your body is calling out to be in natural daylight with the earth under your feet. Even five minutes a day can be very healing if you pay attention and absorb the nature around you.

Allow Mother Nature and the elementals to assist in clearing any dense or toxic energy from your being. Especially if you feel weighed down and heavy. Have an energetic shit!! Send all the energy that is not yours, or you no longer need to be sent down into the earth for clearing and recycling by higher beings. Don’t feel sorry for soiling the soil; Mother Nature loves to assist. Get outside xx





{CARD C} Flow

Are you banging your head against a brick wall? Then please stop. You seem to be caught up in a cycle of going round in circles. Look around you; surely there is a window you can smash through which is much more comfortable than breaking down a solid wall?

It’s not giving up to change direction especially if the going has gotten tough. There will be a challenge as we develop, transform and shift but it shouldn’t be so hard it’s backbreaking. Ask for a smoother ride and search for a more natural path. It might just mean taking a few days or weeks off from what you are doing to settle. Sometimes walking away and leaving things alone can clear the path on how to get finished. Try to release control over how you want things to be. Everything will turn out just as it should when you stop strangling the situation and allow it to breathe. With peace and patience xx

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