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New Moon & New Lunar Year February 2018


{ORACLE CARDS} It’s New Moon in Aquarius today and the Solar Eclipse, 5:05 am WA time. It has been exactly six months since I shared a card reading with you all! The last time was on the previous Solar Eclipse in August 2017.

Such a lot has happened in six months. Can you reflect back and see what changes have occurred? Have you made small steps or bold moves forward in a direction that feels good for you? The exact alignment of the sun, moon and earth last appeared in February 2000. If you can remember or were even born at this time, is there anything that was happening in your life that you can draw on today?

The year 2000 for me was a fantastic year in which I finally broke free, experienced life and made considerable headway in my first career direction. I was living in a pretty cool student house full of friends and good times. It was the year I first spent time living in London and fell in love with the vibe. A lot of growing up happened and my independence sored.

Today is also the New Lunar New Year, the year of the Dog. Some intuitive readers have coined 2018 the year of Community, and the energy of the Dog represents the strong bond of companionship, mastery and group energy. The dog is a leader, the Alpha, taking charge and making its own way in the world. Dog’s are fiercely loyal protectors and watch over their packs.



How can we draw in the energy of the dog into our life? Be the strong leader within your life first and allow others to do the same. Remember the small steps we take just for us have a massive impact on the world at large without us even realising. We can help the greater community by staying true to our values and beliefs.

Enjoy today’s card reading, ponder the three cards below and see which calls out to you the most.

Scroll down the page below for your reading.

Big love,





Cards: Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs. Blue Angel Publishing.






{CARD A} Support

Are you in need of some support? Delegate your tasks, ask for help and lighten your load. I feel it’s time to take a break and look after number one first. If you have been running around putting out fires for everyone else, who is putting out your fire?

You do not need to do everything yourself. Even if there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the physical realm to assist you, put it out there to the universe that help is needed. Be open to receiving support in anyway that presents. You never know who knows someone who can pitch in. Asking is the only way. Good luck and sending you lot’s of love xx





{CARD B} Nature

Have you been feeling disconnected, out of sorts or ungrounded? Then it’s time to get out in nature. Hug a tree, take a picnic to the park, and get amongst the greenery or ocean. Your body is calling out to be in natural daylight with the earth under your feet. Even five minutes a day can be very healing if you pay attention and absorb the nature around you.

Allow Mother Nature and the elementals to assist in clearing any dense or toxic energy from your being. Especially if you feel weighed down and heavy. Have an energetic shit!! Send all the energy that is not yours, or you no longer need to be sent down into the earth for clearing and recycling by higher beings. Don’t feel sorry for soiling the soil; Mother Nature loves to assist. Get outside xx





{CARD C} Flow

Are you banging your head against a brick wall? Then please stop. You seem to be caught up in a cycle of going round in circles. Look around you; surely there is a window you can smash through which is much more comfortable than breaking down a solid wall?

It’s not giving up to change direction especially if the going has gotten tough. There will be a challenge as we develop, transform and shift but it shouldn’t be so hard it’s backbreaking. Ask for a smoother ride and search for a more natural path. It might just mean taking a few days or weeks off from what you are doing to settle. Sometimes walking away and leaving things alone can clear the path on how to get finished. Try to release control over how you want things to be. Everything will turn out just as it should when you stop strangling the situation and allow it to breathe. With peace and patience xx

Leo New Moon Card Reading


{ORACLE READING} It’s New Moon in Leo today and the Solar Eclipse, 2:30 am WA time. How has your creativity been flowing over the past four weeks? Mine has been off the scale, planning, plotting and beavering away secretly in the background. These are all the seeds I am planting for projects later on in the year and even next year. Stepping out of the shadows and breaking free of my perceived limitations. There are no limits the universe does not have a roof!

Some of us may feel it’s a time for a huge life overhaul, even a rebirth or real birth. The birth of the being you are right now. We may only have one physical birth in our human life, but that does not mean we cannot have many energetic births over our lifetime here.

Under this New Moon energy, the energy of NEW, can you bring forth into the world something love and heart centred? Do you light up at the thought of this creation/idea? Could it even bring some joy to others as a knock on effect?

I felt drawn to sharing a card reading today in celebration of New Moon. Focus on the three cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn to first? Avoid second-guessing, follow your intuition. It’s interesting that these cards all read fantastically by themselves or as a collective. Maybe all three cards are attracting you? Then perhaps read them from left to right or however, you choose.

Scroll down the page below for your reading.

Today’s cards are The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh, published by Hay House Life Styles.





{Card A}

Adversity – Sometimes the road can be rough, this builds your strength. A muscle does not grow stronger if the only thing it lifts is a feather. Look at all challenges that present as ways of learning and growing. There is always an equal and opposite. A perceived negative will always have a flip side of positive. What can you learn from what you are going through right now? Look for the love and the positive this way you can release the struggle quickly and trust the hard work will pay back xx




{Card B}

Doubt – We will never know everything and who would want too? If we knew the all the answers life would become dull very quickly as there would be nothing to discover. It is very true all we need to know is inside of us already yet we rarely will learn it all in one lifetime. The journey and the learning are infinite. Do you doubt yourself today? If so step back and ask why. Are the people around you or external sources trying to influence your decisions? They do not know what is best for you and books all only carry suggestions. Take what you need and leave the rest. You can always come back to it later. Appreciate the resources available but ultimately choose what is feeling like a good fit for your life right now. I’m feeling some of you maybe racing along to keep up with your peers. Stop following someone else’s route, turn around and find a track that suits your needs xx




{Card C}

Empathy – There are always two sides to everything, the equal and the opposite. We can never know what is going on inside of a person or how their day has been. If someone is lashing out at your today, try not to take it personally or write that person off as mean. Something may have triggered an emotional outburst. It may feel right for them to project in that exact moment but I’m sure they will step back later and realise there could have been a more loving way to handle the situation. Even the person who is shiny, happy and openly loving today might be dying inside. They may be hiding deep wounds or emotions but staying upbeat as their way of dealing. We just never know.

Have empathy for all you come in contact with today. Also, be loving towards yourself. If you find yourself reacting in a way that your realise later wasn’t from a place of love, be kind, don’t berate yourself, acknowledge, learn and move on xx

March Oracle Card Reading


Welcome to the first full week of March. With all the amped up energy that’s flying around I felt it was time for an oracle card reading.


Focus on the cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. Scroll down the page below for your reading.


Today’s cards are the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phlen, published by Blue Angel.


Enjoy, love







Scroll down for your card…before reading my intuited words take some time to gaze upon the image on the card and see what comes up for you. What message does your intuition have for you through this card? Then take a look at the reading and see if my words resonate for you as well.



{Card A} Challenge your perception

We each see and experience life so differently. Sometimes it can be very easy to get ‘stuck in our ways’ only believing that things are a certain way because they always have been. Everything in life is constantly evolving and changing therefore it’s natural for our perceptions to change too. It’s okay to change your mind!


Try to see things from every point of view. What you believe may be the right way for you but not for someone else. Especially if there is conflict going on around you right now. Step into the other person’s shoes and see it from their angle. I love the quote “one person’s medicine is another person’s poison.” Both sides can be equally right from their perception or equally wrong. Open your mind to all possibilities.


Your beliefs maybe challenged right now. Just because you’ve always lived or done something one way maybe it’s time to mix it up and give something else a try? If you have always been a devoted vegan and suddenly you are feeling the pull to try bone both then do it. If it doesn’t suit you there is always the option to go back. Explore and get curious xx





{Card B} Time to reflect


Look back on everything you have achieved right from day one. Often we hone in on the negative, what we could have done better or regret not trying harder. I believe there are far more wins in life than we give ourselves credit for. Every experience has occurred to make up our life story. We are here to grow, learn and have an adventure. Take some time to honour how far you have come and all the obstacles you’ve tackled to be the person you are today.


Maybe a current situation is asking for to look deeper into. The people you surround yourself with are all mirrors reflecting messages back so we can learn more about ourselves. If someone is bringing up strong emotions for you dig deep within yourself and ask why. What parts of you are they reflecting back that need some attention at this time xx





{Card C} Wash away your burdens


It’s time to let go of the heaviness that is weighing you down. We can’t go back and change the past but we can learn for the future. You’ve picked this card today as you are in need of some energetic cleansing. Call in the element of water to assist you to literally wash away any stale energy, stress and worry that is holding you back. Use you energy instead to move forward rather than dwelling on what was.


You can physically cleanse in the ocean, bath or shower to release, forgive and heal. See your burdens washing away down the plughole leaving you feeling lighter and clearer.


If it’s not possible to use real water sit quietly in meditation visualizing a cleansing stream of water pouring over you. Have compassion for yourself, try not to judge if you have been holding on to the past. Let go now and hand over your burdens to your spiritual support team who will nurture and take care of them for you xx


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