Kind words received with gratitude

Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing:

“I had my first of several Reiki treatments with Kat in November 2013.  I was very impressed with the whole experience. Not knowing what to except Kat explained the treatment and made me feel very comfortable with the process. The lovely aroma and energy of her healing room aided to the soothing energy of the treatment.

Later that day I was amazed at how much clearer my life seemed. I was able to connect with myself at a deeper level as energy blocks were moved.  Taking in Kat’s insight I made changed to my life that helped to align me more to my soul.

I am now a big believer in the power of Reiki.  I have seen first hand at how Reiki can heal emotional and mental blocks and transform your perspective on life. I would highly recommend Kat’s intuitive healing to anyone. She is a amazing soul with a special gift.”
– Melissa, Perth WA.

“Just when I thought ” I really cannot cope with the world any more …. ” Complete overwhelm of emotional, physical and worldly stress factors… I had the brilliant idea of asking Kat for a Reiki healing… And left an hour later smiling, grounded, happy and expanded thank you Kat… What an earth angel you are.” – Amrei, NSW.

“If you have never had a Reiki healing session or had a session that was only so – so, I can HIGHLY recommend Kat, was an AMAZING experience!”
– Ben, NSW.

Thank You, Kathryn, of Seren Holistic Lifestyles, for the wonderful energy at our healing session today. Am experiencing deep relaxation and a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through me. – feeling radiant
-Susan, Wanneroo.

Kathryn has been a true inspiration, friend and mentor on my own spiritual journey. She started off as my colleague as a yoga teacher, then became my Reiki therapist and has recently ventured out on her own and starting her own spiritual and energy healing business in WA.

She has inspired me to always be authentic to myself, too follow your passion and to not lose sight of your vision, even when you feel at times it is all way too much. She inspires through practising what she teaches. I feel this mandala ring would be a beautiful guide for her right now to help her stay true to her vision and what she wants to create. She has helped guide me to be authentic to myself and it would be an amazing honour if this ring found it’s way to her as a way of saying thanks, you are on the right track. Stay true to your vision. Thanks, D.
– Dayna, Townsville, QLD

Reiki Level 1 Training:

“This weekend with Kat has been fantastic. Not only unlocking my own healing energy but also learning about how to help others along the way. It has started to direct me back onto my life path of becoming one with the universe again. I would absolutely recommend this workshop. Its the perfect way to start unlocking you bodies natural healing energy.”
Ben P, Yanchep, WA.

“Amazing weekend. I feel as though I am now comfortable to practice basic Reiki on others. I have a deeper understanding of what Reiki is & have gained more insight into myself. Kathryn has beautiful & safe energy which is perfect for teaching this energy work. Wonderful set up of the whole weekend in regards to content, space & delivery. She comes highly recommended 🙂 ” Rebecca, Perth, WA.

“The honour and privilege were mine as I took the next step on my path with Kat of Seren Holistic Lifestyles to complete my Reiki Level 1 course. I stepped in with confidence in Kat and stepped out again with confidence in myself, my abilities and my connection with spirit to perform Reiki on my family and friends. It was a very personal and beautiful journey in the serenity of the Australian bush (with the giant Buddha) and Kat’s healing room. For me, it didn’t feel like ‘learning’ either, just a reawakening of dormant gifts. Thank you beautiful, can’t wait for level 2!”  – Chantelle, Karrinyup, WA.

“Amazing! I feel calm, relaxed & peaceful. I know my body is healing. I can’t describe what a beautiful, sacred special weekend it was. Kat is an amazing gifted teacher & healer.”
– Philippa, Joondalup, WA.

“I felt at ease & comfortable to be here. I received all the benefits that were meant for me.”
– Ben T, Tapping, WA.

Reiki Level 2 Training:

“Kat is a fountain of knowledge & has answered all my questions on Reiki & the Chakras. I feel this Reiki Level II course has been very spiritually liberating. Thoroughly enjoyable once again. Exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Highly recommend & I feel I have a very good understanding of Reiki.” – Crystal, Quinns Rocks, WA.

“Amazing 🙂 I felt I have grown personally over the weekend as well as increased my confidence to help others. Small groups make it very personally catered for. Kat has very comfortable energy that allowed me to feel safe & trust. A beautiful weekend that has left me feeling comfortable to continue to practice Reiki on others. I have felt so supported along this journey. – Rebecca, Perth, WA.

Introduction to the Chakras Workshop:

“Enlightened, positive, grounded & balanced is how I would describe Kat’s Chakra Workshop. From the moment I arrived at the most beautiful venue, a sense of peace & calmness came over me. Kat makes you feel very welcomed, as I was feeling a little nervous meeting new people.

Kat is a wonderful teacher & delivers the workshop in such an interesting, modern & exciting way.

I have been to many workshops & would have to say hand on heart, it is one of the best I have been to. I learned so much & it is great value for money and I was not disappointed. Because of my wonderful experience, I look forward to attending more of Kat’s workshops & will be recommending to my friends.

Kat goes far & beyond, is a great teacher as well as a fantastic listener. I feel very lucky to have been introduced to such a knowledgeable, positive & wonderful lady.” – Sonya, Quinns Rocks, WA.

“The workshop was great in an awesome GREEN tranquil atmosphere.

The Chakra workshop is great for everybody, with little or no knowledge. I went to the workshop with some knowledge, and it has deepened & strengthened my Chakra system knowledge now.

You will learn how to connect yourself on a whole. (WHOLE = Body, mind, spirit in harmony)

I LOVE my yoga, and this workshop teaches you how practising yoga asanas regularly can effectively help to balance your chakras.

For those who do not practice yoga, you might end up learning yoga asanas after the workshop. A great way to start.

Two awesome meditations sessions, lying on the ground “mother earth” after the two days workshop.

Everyone will love this… I guarantee, it was my ‘first time’ meditating on the ground, I absolutely loved it!” – Nancy, WA.

“Calming, healing & peaceful workshop. I got a great understanding of the Chakras I loved how we had Reiki included in the healing room at the beginning & end of day two.

I loved the peace & calmness where the Chakra Workshop was held. I loved the gentle way in which the information was given to us & I really appreciated the knowledge & powerful understand I got about the chakras & crystals.” – Sophie, Clarkson, WA.

Introduction to Oracle Card Reading Workshop

“Once again a wonderful workshop, from the beginning right to the end you are learning so much. The energy is so special & positive. I highly recommend this workshop & would say great value for money, will not be disappointed.” – Sonya, Quinns Rocks, WA.

“A wonderful space to acknowledge your own internal knowledge & connect to your intuition. Kat gives you permission to tap into yourself to let your knowledge expand in your own personal way.” Carina, Shenton Park, WA.

“It was fabulous. I came with no expectations & I didn’t know anything about oracle card reading. Now I have learned what it is & will buy a deck of cards to use them for my own personal life.” – Susan, Wanneroo, WA.

“A wonderful day retreat, out with nature connecting with like-minded people & learning something new about myself. Kat is a great synchronizer!” Barbara, Quinns Rocks, WA.

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