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Channelled Guidance & Reiki Distance Healing

Allow Kathryn to assist you to live a life you love with a Channeled Guidance & Reiki Distance Healing session. 

  • Are you feeling out of balance in your life?
  • Do you lack energy & feel stressed or run down?
  • Have you lost your creative spark & passions for what you used to love?
  • Does your life lack purpose or focus with no real meaning?
  • Would you like some guidance on certain challenges or issues that are holding you back from your full potential?
  • Is everything flowing nicely for you & you’d like to keep on top of your good work with some extra healing love?

Reiki distance healing & intuitive reading can assist you to shift any energetic blockages that may be causing an imbalance in your life.

Investment: $220 AUD – for a 60-minute healing session & an MP3 recording (Usually 10-15 minutes).

How does Reiki Distance Healing work?

Reiki distance healing is conducted in the same manner & produces the same results as an in-person session. The only difference is I connect with the universal life force energy without the client being present. Distance healing can be directed to any person regardless of location or time zone.

Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal by assisting the release of energetic stagnations, breaking down habitual patterns & realigns the Chakras. This creates the space for balance to occur on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. On a physical level, dis-comfort may be relieved.

Distance healing is ideal for people who are unable to attend in-person sessions due to location or illness. The receiver does not need to be anywhere or doing anything specific whilst the healing takes place.


You can receive your distance healing live with me from the comfort of your own home, just like an in-person session. We connect online via Zoom at a set time and I facilitate your healing whilst you lie back and relax. I’ll gently guide you back and give you feedback on what came up, which is recorded. You will need access to the Internet and the Zoom application downloaded to your device. Also, you will need a quiet place to relax where you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour.

If you are in a different time zone or prefer not to be live online you can receive a regular distance healing. That way you do not need to be present or doing anything special.

How I facilitate the healing

During the healing I open myself up as a facilitator for the universal life force energy to flow through me. I act as a conduit for you to receive the positive benefits of the healing energy. Being a healing channel allows me to interpret any intuitive messages & guidance via my psychic gifts of clairvoyance (Clear vision), clairaudience (Clear hearing) & clairsentience (Clear feeling).

The guidance also comes through via intuitive writing. The messages received will be recorded in the written report you will receive on completion. It is then for you to interpret the messages & take action if needed to step into your power. We are all our own best healer. Distance healing sessions enable you to take the first step forward by showing where to get started. This is usually the hardest part!

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Kind words from previous receivers:

“I was going through a tough time in my life one year ago. I was stressed and couldn’t understand what exactly is going on with me. I was searching for answers. I had lots of sleepless nights. I was not sure where to start from, where to go and who to speak with. I even spoke with sociologist and all without any results. Friends and family couldn’t help and couldn’t understand what’s wrong with me. Something inside told me to speak with Kat. I was not sure at that moment how she can help or what she can do, but something inside was pointing to her direction.

We had one session of Reiki distance healing. Unfortunately at the scheduled time for reiki, I had quests at home. I had no idea how she connected with me and couldn’t feel much myself. I was rushing around preparing dinner and busy with entertaining guests. That’s why when Kat connected with me, (she wrote) the first thing I need to slow down!

I tried to relax as much as I could at that moment. I didn’t have to travel anywhere or speak with Kat face to face, which makes it easier for me, because I didn’t want her to see me crying. (I cried a lot at that time. Sometimes without any reason. I was stressed all the time)

That’s why the first question in her intuitive report was “have your eyes been sore lately?” Kat was like an inner voice for me. Some of the things she wrote about I knew, but couldn’t hear myself for some reason. She described all about my chakras like someone knew me and could feel all my emotions.

It was like someone wrote your portrait without even looking at you. I liked Kat’s advice. It’s all worked. Kat helped me to calm down and find inner peace. She opened my eyes on all questions I had. Some of the things she said I couldn’t understand, but later it all made sense to me. I’m very grateful for her help and sending my big love every time I remember about her.”

Lana – Perth, WA.

“‘Sometimes during the trials and tribulations of life, we either abandon, or wholeheartedly seek for understanding on an energetic or spiritual level. The distance healing that I received from Kat was such a great way to stop, get quiet and really tune in on a different level. I really appreciated the energy healing and messages that Kat delivered through the combination of chakra healing and card readings. It helped me to reconnect to my body, intuition and journey in a positive and encouraging way. I really appreciated your healing – thank you Kat.”

Louise – Fremantle, WA

“I just wanted to thank you for your reading. It was truly spot on and I appreciate and thank you for the wisdom and advice that came through.  Reading through it again tonight. I’m sure I will be in touch with you for another reading in the future.”


What you need to do for the healing session

All you need to do is provide me with the following via email:

  • Your full name (or that of the recipient)
  • Any question or issue you would like the healing to be focused on. This will form the intention for the healing & where the energy will be directed.
  • If you’d like your healing to be conducted on a specific day. (Not essential)

I ask that you:

  • Be opened minded & willing to receive.
  • Give yourself space for the energy to integrate for up to three days following the healing. Try to avoid stressful situations or big commitments. (After care advice & support is included with your session.)

You will receive

On completion of the healing session you will receive an MP3 voice recording of your session guidance to download and keep. If any crystals, alchemical oils & oracle cards were intuitively selected during the healing their meanings will also be explained.  Photos of the cards will also be provided. (Please allow 24-hours for delivery)

After care & advice on how to work with the healing guidance will also be included. All distant healing sessions are confidential & will not be shared with a third party.


$220 AUD – for a 60-minute healing session & MP3 recording.

On booking confirmation you will receive a link to pay the full investment amount. Full payment must be received before the arranged date of the distance healing session. Cancellations must be made via email 48-hours before the session to receive a full refund. Failure to do so your session will be charged in full. Thank you for your understanding.

Prices are in Australia Dollars for the latest currency conversion go to xe.com

The next step

If a distance healing is resonating with you right now or a question has suddenly presented itself it may be time to take the next step. To arrange a session please fill in the form below & I will get back to you with further details. Distance healing is available on Wednesday afternoons, Thursday and limited Saturday’s for both Zoom and non-present healings.

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