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The Advanced Mentoring Program with Elizabeth Peru

Those of you that follow this blog regularly will have heard me mention my Soul Mentor Elizabeth Peru. Why do I need or use a Soul Mentor you may well ask. About twelve months ago I was in a bit of a fix with the direction my life was going. I was working two jobs that combined involved working very long days, often rising at 4am some days then not getting home till 10pm on others. All this whilst trying to fit in other activities, running a home & being in a committed relationship. I was knackered!

The simple solution would be to cut back on something, work fewer hours or teach less yoga. The problem is I loved everything I was doing I was just not balancing them equally. Growing up I was always being told ‘you can’t do everything.’ Why not I would think, I can do everything just you watch me. This stemmed my desire to do everything I wanted and do it well. That was my stubborn, ego head leading the way. I needed assistance to get that under control & find balance in my life. A friend recommended me to Elizabeth’s services and it all rolled on from there to the point I am at right now.

In July last year I enrolled after a pre-intake Skype meeting in The Advanced Mentoring Program the first part of the Merit Mastery Program. On the program I worked one on one with Elizabeth to bring some balance & order back into my life. The key focus of the Advanced Mentoring is to really get to know your self on a Soul level. In order to do this you need to get your personality/head under control and working as a team with you heart/Soul.

Over the 12-week program of nine personal one-hour sessions and video classes you really get to grips with finding out who you really are. You will uncover where your natural talents lie, how to use them & bring a huge awareness into your every day life.

It’s not easy. Elizabeth will not hand you all the answers on a plate. If you want results you have to work hard. It is a process but a truly rewarding one & you are fully supported on your journey by Elizabeth. Any questions I had or challenges I didn’t understand were explained clearly to me in a straight forward no nonsense manner.

Through the lessons I learned on Advanced Mentoring & now Master Mentoring I’ve brought balance, peace and love into my busy life. I am flowing smoothly through life with my Soul as my one true guide whom I trust without question. I now over come challenges with ease and grace. I’m living in the present moment and trusting everything is happening for the right reason. I’m living authentically and using my natural given talents every day from which I am reaping all sorts of rewards. I could not recommend Elizabeth’s work for those ready to take the next step to finding their spiritual truth.

If you are ready to take the next step in your life, find out who you really are & make a change for the better this program may well be for you. The good news is the final program for 2013 is starting on July 29. It is offered globally to anyone over eighteen years old. Please be prepared to commit fully to the twelve-week program both personally & financially. It is a commitment but you will know if it resonates with you enough to take part. Be aware it is a professional service so it does come at a cost. For the full program outline & video link please click here. For further information & current pricing please email Elizabeth directly at:

If you’re not ready for such an in depth course of study Elizabeth offers other services too check out this page. There are also daily complimentary Soul guidance posts on Elizabeth’s Facebook page & Twitter.

Love Seren xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013

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We’ve all heard the saying ‘caring is sharing.’ Isn’t it the greatest feeling when you have something so wonderful you just want everyone to be a part of it too?

I set up this blog with the intent of sharing my knowledge with anyone who wished to receive it. I am sharing what I’ve learned in order to be of service to others. Deep down though it did not faze me that maybe no one will read. That did not bother me in the slightest. My writing is for me primarily, my outlet and my joy. If other’s wished to come along for the ride, hop on board.

The knowledge I have gained through hours of meditation, mentoring, study and healing is now embedded deeply enough into my daily life it is ready to be shared. I am still learning, a lot, there is so much knowledge to discover (or re-discover from past lives) & access I need to impart some of this wisdom to make room for some more. Empty my glass to refill it it’s a continuous cycle.

The act of giving or sharing works hand in hand with the law of nature. The two-way exchange, there is an equal and opposite to everything. Like breathing, we breathe in so we must breathe out. The more your give the more you will be re-given too. Don’t get me wrong this can easily be misinterpreted as selfish. I do not give solely because I want something material back in return this is not the point. The receiving or re-giving might not be obvious at first and may not be a ‘material’ return but you do get an instant result the moment you give out.

Let me explain further. In writing these blog posts I am sharing with you all and the instant return I receive back is pleasure. I love writing. My words go out as I type, my return is the joy of creating that I receive straight back. It makes me feel good, even though the post isn’t live yet the process is fulfilling. Even if I never publish this piece I am still giving out a part of me into the physical world. Following along?

Only the past week I have really noticed how far I have come in following my life path. I am comfortable enough and living authentically that life is not a struggle. I am flowing perfectly the way I am meant to be. It’s a constant rollercoaster ride for sure but I ‘trust’ its part of my plan.

Other’s are noticing the change in me too and are being drawn to me. Just like on a hot sunny day we flock outside to be in the sunlight. When a person’s ‘light’ is radiating strongly people are drawn to them. Okay it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I attract some undesired attention that I need to dig deep to see if these people truly are seeking my help or just wanting to feed off me. (Think Energy Vampires) By emitting my love and happiness to the world, it allows others to discover their own love and happiness. You can’t help but feel happy around positive, cheery people hey? That’s not selfish is it?

The greatest pleasure I get from working on purpose is to see my friends and clients flourish off their own back. I plant a seed for them, sometimes indirectly and they run with it. Usually the answers they are seeking are right under their noses or deep inside them. They just need to slow down, be still and ‘ta da’ they find their solution. It’s truly beautiful to watch. I love getting the feedback and the excited stories how one tiny hint from me accelerates them way beyond where they were. Actually it is all ‘them’ they are doing the work for themselves, it’s the only way any of us can progress forward. I’m just a tiny, tiny element of the process. Most people I work with are so busy rushing around inside their own heads and over thinking they miss the obvious. I’m there to gently steer them back inside where their answers lie. How do I know all this? Because I’ve done it myself in my own life & it works. Yes we are all different but we can all start at the same simple point of stillness and forge our own direction from there.

Go forth today and share your light with those around you. See how you feel, as this energy is re-given back to you instantly. Be careful also, if you radiate bad feelings of negativity they’ll come right back at you too. Keep it happy!

Love Seren xx

Must Trust

Trust is a powerful word. It takes such a leap of faith to fully trust in something when you are feeling a little unsure. Learning to trust & let go of my control has been a great challenge for me. Especially when you go through life being a trusting person to then have that trust explode in your face leaving you hurt.

Since I’ve been learning to work with the invisible universal powers that be, trust had to come into play. Especially when you’re dealing with something that is not tangible. Our poor restricted, conditioned human minds struggle so hard to believe in something that hasn’t been ‘proven’ or we can’t see ‘see with our human senses.’ Oh we can use our human-ness to connect with the invisible we just need to get out of our heads and trust.

Last week was huge for me in trust land. I had no control over a situation & had to place my trust in the hands of the universe. Are you sitting comfortably? Now I shall begin my story…

I’d been working super hard on a personal design project with a very tight deadline. I thrive on a bit of excitement & pressure it was great to have something to get my teeth stuck into. I gave up a whole Saturday, rearranging and cancelling commitments in order to give me lots of time to get my project underway. It went very well, I was pleased with the out come of the full days work. The project continued through out the week to its final completion. Friday I had everything in order and printed out on lovely glossy stock ready to take home in a folder specially purchased for its transportation.

It was a very quiet day and most of my colleagues had left early. There was no point me staying as there was no one to actually give me any work so I headed off two hours early. What luxury for a Friday. Special folder in hand as well as two other bags I looked like quite the packhorse getting myself to the station.

I deeply desired to get a seat at the end of the carriage so I could tuck my folder down the side without it getting bent. The seat as desired materialised for me as I wished. My folder was safely and straightly stored down the seat. You can probably guess already what happened next. Yes I got off the train and forgot my folder!

Exiting the train I bumped into a friend who actually knew I’d been working on my project & enquired how it went. Realisation hit me so hard I felt physically sick. All my work had been completed & was now heading unattended on the train north. My poor friend was abandoned in the car park as I quickly thought of a plan. A man who must have over heard my flapping pulled over in his car to tell me the phone number I needed. Nice man, thanks for the advice, I now had plan B.

The station has an attendant’s office but I had no idea if it was manned. Hot footing it over there, again willing so deeply someone would be there to advise me what to do. The station attendant was there and didn’t seem fazed at all a customer had a lost property enquiry. He got straight on the phone & made arrangements for a transit officer at the end of the line to go check the carriage for my folder.

A nerve wracking ten minutes came next. I was putting out so much energy and visualising myself with my folder again. ‘Nothing is truly lost in the eyes of the universe’ I kept repeating to myself. I’d only given this advice out to someone else the other week and his ‘lost item’ was rediscovered. I knew I had to trust deeply that the outcome would be the right one. All that work, all that paper and effort. It wouldn’t have been a huge problem to reprint everything but I didn’t want to redo it all again. I stayed calm, breathed deeply and didn’t waste precious energy on thinking the worst. I only thought about my desired outcome positively.

Trusting paid off. The phone call came the folder had made it to the end of the line. Another passenger was in the process of bringing it off the train when the transit officer arrived to collect it. It was waiting for me in the office at the station. I could not thank the attendant enough. I sent so many thanks; gratitude and love out in return as I drove up to collect my folder.

I didn’t make it home much earlier that day I trust that is how it was meant to be. There was definitely a lesson in this for me mainly to stay present & trust in what is meant to be. If the folder had gone missing en route I had to trust it was for the right reason.

It is truly magical when you surrender control and put trust in the universe the out come will be the right one. When you work with the universe things happen so simply. It’s our human-ness I feel that complicates matters. We over think & over look what is right under our noses. From following my own Soul’s guidance I am noticing even more the answers are so simple when you go with flow.

Love Seren xx

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