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Hibernation Time

It’s officially winter in the Southern hemisphere, just the time that some creatures go into hibernation for the colder months. How wonderful would that be, bed down somewhere warm and safe for a few months and miss the bleak, cold winter weather. No, I’d be afraid of missing something!

I do feel like winter is a time to hibernate in a different way. Especially for me, summer is spent outside being very social. There is a constant stream of people coming & going through my back yard all summer long. Winter rolls around & we naturally want to be indoors, the days are shorter so it’s easy to be inside when there is no late evening sun to bask in. It’s a great time to take some peace & stillness for myself.

On an energetic level too I am feeling more of a pull to retreat. I went through a huge what I call ‘spiritual hibernation’ at the start of the year. I needed to be alone in my own space, my own thoughts & not have to ‘deal’ with anything outside of my box. I locked myself away; I even had a tech detox, no social media or emailing. People actually noticed my absence that made me think I must have been very active online. It’s good to pull back, especially if the activity is more of a time waste. I needed time alone to prepare for the months ahead. This hibernation was invaluable, it did the trick and I came out the other side raring to go.

I spoke about the changes the month of May brought for me in this earlier post. These changes have been awesome but it’s time to hibernate again. The main reason being is my vibration has shifted again. After completing my second twelve-week program with my mentor I need time to absorb the lessons I’ve learned. I really need to live them and embed them into my life. To do this I need quiet time to think, meditate and practice. A break away from the ‘outside’ world will help. Subtly retracting just for a while. Most people probably won’t even notice I’ve gone 😉

It’s important I adjust to this vibrational change first before being around other people. I know this might sound totally woo hoo to some, just roll with me here. When I’ve gone through these shifts in the past without fully realizing what was happening I get very whacked out. I can’t cope well in challenging situations or with demanding, over bearing people.  Big groups of people kill me. Even some close friends become too much to handle. Usually I’m there for them & happy to be their download person but at these times I just can’t offer my energy.

The warning signs started flashing last week. For me I get very tired whilst my head is spinning at the rate of knots, I just want to sleep (hibernate!), I physically ache, my head throbs like a migraine but not, Bikram yoga becomes too intense and yang for me, I crave slower, gentle exercise & lots of stillness in meditation. An added ‘fun’ part of a shift is I set shop alarms off going into the shop. Even when I have no bag or anything on my apart from me, off go the alarms. Time to get my head down & step back.

Winter is the perfect time for this. The pace is slower & it’s nice to be inside in the warm to process these changes. My numerology is year 6 for 2013, all about family & being at home. Explains why I have an even stronger pull to step out of the public realm. Hibernation gives me that valuable self-love time as I do not commit or arrange any social engagements. I look after myself, nurture and nourish. That way I reemerge happy, healthy & rejuvenated. Fully in balance with my vibrational change so I don’t crack up or accidently go nuts on someone else.

Do you find yourself hibernating over the winter months? Don’t be afraid too, it’s great to have a little time out & nest for a while.

Love Seren xx


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