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The True Me

The energy of the past two months has had a strong focus on being authentic. Many people I know are stepping up & taking action in their own lives. Doing what they love instead of what is safe & expected.

Being authentic for me is all about releasing what I’ve kept hidden for the best part of my life. I’m allowing the ‘true me’ shine through to the surface. Instead of keeping her hidden because others might not like it & think I’m weird or loosing my mind.

How is the ‘true me’ breaking through? I’ve stopped trying to fit in to be like other people in order to be accepted.’ I overhauled my appearance. I cut my hair short to a style that does not require brushing or even very much styling. The messier the better. I’m done with the days of blow drying and straightening for that sleek and tidy look. I’ve put pink foils through in my hair too. I never dyed my hair crazy colours as a teenager so now I’m well into my thirties it’s definitely over due.  I’m even thinking of doing some totally ‘left field’ with it very soon.

My physical body has changed. With more self-acceptance and self-love I’m not longer hiding behind a layer of padding. After years of training & diets that didn’t work I finally love how I look without stressing about the former two. I’m also not caring or aspiring to be like anyone else but myself.

My wardrobe has had an overhaul. I just cannot be bothered with the ‘corporate look’ anymore which isn’t enforced in my work place anyway. The fancy suit dresses from Cue, tailored pants and heels are gone. (The local op shop is in for a treat!) I rocked up to the office last Friday in Lululemon studio pants & a hoodie, & no one batted an eyelid. I was so comfortable.

I’m not holding back on here either, not that I ever did. I’m writing what is coming through naturally. I talk openly about my ‘Soul’ & inner guidance, the invisible realm & metaphysics. These subjects can and do cause a stir. I’ve been attacked for speaking my truth; people have felt offended by what I’ve said out loud (I’m not responsible for how people react to my words when they are said from pure intention). I’ve been ‘warned’ take down deeply Soul based quotes on FB because you don’t know who is following my posts.

If people can’t accept who I am now then that is just fine by me. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there whom I can gel with just nicely. I am grateful for this resistance actually. With the law of cause & effect it means what I am doing must be right for me. I’m moving forward with my life. Everything has an equal and opposite effect so the negativity I receive is the exact equal to the positive I am transmitting out. If I wasn’t progressing there wouldn’t be any resistance. All good, I’ll take it as a compliment 😉

I’m stepping forward into my power. I’m finally seeing that I can do what I love & make a living from it. It’s time to drop the pseudonym now too. When I first started out this blog I wanted some anonymity, be a bit like ‘Gossip Girl.’ Now the veils have been removed it’s time to introduce myself. Hi my name is Kathryn & welcome to my business website – Seren Holistic Lifestyles.

Thanks for reading.

Love K xx


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