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David Wolfe Australian Tour – Have the best day ever!

I couldn’t miss the chance to see Super Foods guru David Wolfe speaking when he came to town last weekend. The response in Perth was massive. The event sold out so a second was put on earlier in the day due to a bigger venue not being available. Huge confirmation that us Westerners are super keen for such events and presenters. Please do come to Perth we want you, don’t be put off by our remoteness make the effort to visit it will be appreciated. It was great to see the WA leg of the tour incorporated some local businesses as well in the sponsor’s area.

I’ve never been to one of David’s events but from what I had heard and read from he knows how to put on a show. No disappointments at all. David lived up to his ‘entertainer’ label and kept the audience engaged for nearly three hours in an informative, light hearted and easy to understand manner. Of course there was plenty of humour too.

Where to start telling you the details of what I learned? Information overload for sure, in a good way. Most of the Super Food’s spoken about I had heard of, some I wasn’t too familiar with or have ever used. I took pages of notes so I’ll start at the top.

Being a creative person I loved the analogy of food and colour. The colour of the food relates to their healing properties. Eat blueberries for eye health, tomatoes for heart heath etc. It took a while to get my head around ‘black’ foods being the ultimate Super Foods. The photos of black lumps didn’t look appealing. What did I learn at art class? I mixed a bit of every colour in the spectrum to get a ‘pure’ black, same with nature. For example black rice is the most nutritious of all rice & has the most zinc in it. Theses colours switch on certain good genetics in our bodies. Think Chakras, they all have a colour too. We are not just feeding our one physical body but nourishing all four of our bodies the emotional, mental and spiritual. We see in colour so we should eat in colour.

Some of the herbs and Chinese mushrooms mentioned I could not spell or repeat the pronunciation. Their health benefits of longevity and anti ageing sounded awesome. It was sad that some Super herbs such as coca leaves are illegal thanks to the abuse and misuse of them. Some tribes in South American live to be over 100 years old from munching on raw coca leaves straight off the tree. Apparently they are the happiest people on earth. Hmmm funny that?!

Salt came up too and my beliefs were questions. I’m a hard-core pink Himalayan advocate that is still good. David was telling us to go wild & gather the salt from pools by the sea. Get it straight from the source the ocean. No factories or packaging or transporting. Makes sense as long as you are near to sea. The ancient remedy of drinking warm sea salted water is a proven method for good adrenal health as well as a tonic for almost any aliment. We can get our potassium from eating raw foods but it’s hard to find salt in natural foods so we do need to ‘add’ it to our intake. Definitely not the white crappy, chemically bleached ‘table salt.’

There was lot’s of talk about marine plankton and blue green algae. I’m a huge spirulina and chlorella fan. They have massive antioxidant benefits as well as essential omega oils. Again watch what brand you buy there are very few that are harvested, processed and packaged correctly. It makes all the difference to the quality. I personally use Green Nutritionals Hawaiian Pacifica brand that come in dark glass bottle with oxygen tight lids. Our future nutrition is going to rely more on the ocean as a resource. I’m quite excited about the concepts of home grow Spirulina tanks!

In the question time right at the end someone asked the ‘gold’ question. “What do you think of vaccinations?” It’s an area I have been questioning myself & chose not to have travel vaccines last year & I was just fine (if not better as I’d not had a dose of evil chemicals). David clearly stated that no vaccination in the world has ever passed a double blind random control cross over study. That is the ‘5* standard’ scientific test. He said when they do he would happily have them but until then there is clear evidence that vaccines are not 100% safe.

What really resonated the most with me was that we were asked to question those ‘learned’ beliefs that society, scientists, doctors, who ever have drilled into us that ‘are right.’ Especially when the subject of Breatharians came up. We rely too much on what others tell us to be true without going out there & finding it out for ourselves & seeing what works for us. What we can believe is that if we eat straight from nature, out the ground, unhampered & organically we will thrive. It’s the vicious cycle of eat chemicals, get sick, see doctors, treat it with chemicals, then eat more chemicals which is throwing our bodies into mayhem. Eat how nature intended. She did not put batter on chickens for a reason. ‘We’ did and then we get sick from it.

A grand night out and a huge kick up my butt to keep on track. I got home to see a loaf of fresh bakery white bread that would have been lovely toasted with lashing of organic butter. No, I did not partake thinking how bloated I’d be and the fact it would not serve me nutritionally at all. Feed your body love & it will return the love right back to you.

Love Seren xx

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Full Moon Cleansing

It’s that time of the month again. Before all the men run for the hills I don’t mean the ‘girly’ kind of monthly cycle, I mean it’s Full Moon!! This can be an awesome time, full of super charged energy. I mentioned in the hydration post last week about our bodies being made up of water. The moon affects the oceans and tides so it is natural that the moon will have some sort of energy connection to the human body too.

I personally can react to the moon in different ways. Some months I’m buzzing, literally bouncing off the ceilings. Others I’m flat, tired and scattered. Exciting hey, you’re in for a new treat every month. With Mercury having gone into Retrograde on the 23rd there’s lots of planetary influences about right now.

It’s a great time to cleanse you crystals too. There are many ways to clean & cleanse your crystals. I like to use the Full Moon. Crystals absorb any kind of energy & just like us that energy gets trapped inside. That is why it’s a good idea to give them an energizing cleanse at least once a month. Cleansing them will release any stored up negative energy, whilst amplifying the positive energy. If you are using your crystals for healing work and meditation cleansing is a must. Also if other people have touched your crystals (I don’t let people handle my ‘special’ crystals ever) it’s a good idea to give them a clean.

Some people like to use the day before or the day after the actual full moon to cleanse. It’s up to you. I collect mine up the morning after, as I don’t like to leave my crystals out in the full summer sun as this can fade their colours.

Here’s what I do for a Full Moon crystal cleanse. Depending on which crystals I have been using I either select a few or put all of them out. I place a soft cloth in a sturdy container, like a ceramic dish, and place the crystals inside. You can use anything you have or simply place them directly on the ground. Place your crystals where they will be drenched in the moon’s light, so not under a veranda or shade cloth. I have a Buddha statue out the front of my house and I place my dish of crystals in front of him with an affirmation to assist in the cleansing process & to watch over them safely.

After my crystals have been super charged with moon energy they literally sparkle. It’s like they’ve just returned from a wonderful spa retreat, all refreshed and ready for action. I can notice the difference when I hold them in my hand, they feeling ‘charged.’

Give your crystals a treat tonight & put them out for a charge up. To find out when full moon occurs in your part of the world check out this link:

Love, light & happy full mooning,

Seren xx

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