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Colour Therapy – Violet

Today I had a totally different post scheduled for you all. One that I was super excited about sharing as well. The Universe had a different plan! I try & live in the moment as much as I can. Not planning too far ahead and letting life unfold naturally, day by day. I’ve not always been like this. I am a reformed control freak. Totally full post on that later.

The Universal curve ball that hit me in the face this morning brought to my attention that I needed to write about todays subject Colour Therapy. I felt totally compelled to reschedule my planned post for next week and get this post written right now. Following my inner guide and intuition.

Colour surrounds us everywhere. There is no escaping it. Without colour we’d live in a very dull, vanilla world. Our senses are ignited when they come into contact with colours. Our body’s energy meridians, the Chakra’s all have corresponding colours. Colour Therapy can be a powerful healing tool. How uplifted do you feel when you slip on a bright red dress to hit the town in? One old roommate often commented on colourful plates of foods and how much more appealing they looked to eat. Isn’t it relaxing staring out onto a clear turquoise sea on a bright, summer day?  Colour healing can take on so many forms, clothes, food, pictures, lights, flowers and the list goes on.

Personally I use a pack of colour therapy cards, specifically these one’s by Inna Segal. You don’t need a special pack of cards at all, you can meditate on the question “what colour do I need today.” The answer will come to you and you can source something of that colour, even an image off Google. Every morning I pull a card for the day and place it on my desk right in front of me. I’ll read the guide book page to the corresponding colour and often do the visualization suggested.

Today I pulled Violet – create a balanced life. (1) The challenge I faced this morning had sent my world into a spin. I have so much going on this week so much planned another bonus challenge could rock the balance I’d already created. Or had I created balance? What blessing is there hidden in this new challenge? My Violet card I feel was delivering quite a few strong messages to me that I needed to address. Time to reassess.

Violet is directly related to the Crown Chakra, right at the top of your head, connected to your higher self. “Violet increases the psychic senses to release karma and regain freedom from past issues.” (2) This fits well for today as a past issue came up and it’s time for that chapter to close for the better. Violet is also very soothing and can eliminate emotions, especially shock, trauma or fear. (3) Which is probably the main reason this colour was presented today. I had a wee shock. (I’m fine though, please don’t worry, my faith in the metaphysical is guiding me soundly to a place I can heal smoothly. I know I am well supported through this)

I feel a need to create balance in my energy today & not get too stressed with everything that is going on & run off in a frenzy without thinking things through. Keep a slow place, take some time outs to be still and breathe and get outside for some nature time. Eat well by nourishing from the inside out with whole foods, lots of fresh vegetables and water. I’ll allow everything to unfold as it should & trust the out come is for the best. I need to keep balanced with my giving & taking as well. Not over give & come out the other side depleted. My Violet card is right here in front of my infused with healing happy vibes.

Love & light,

Seren xx

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Crystal Healing – Amethyst

Welcome to the first in a series of Crystal Healing posts. I’ve only recently become interested in the metaphysical properties crystals possess. I now incorporate crystals into my daily life.

Little did I know crystals have been around me a lot longer than I first thought? Isn’t that always the case? Something is right there under your nose but you don’t notice it until you’re ready?

My first crystals appeared in my life about eleven years ago. I’d been living in London and working hard in my first real job so I decided I wished to treat myself to something nice. A friend of mine had this gorgeous ring from a silversmith based in the Portobello Road. I went along and loved her work.

However I wanted something really special, not off the rack so I commissioned her to custom make a ring for me. I like chunky, solid rings. Silver, never gold which made that part of the design easy to figure out.  At the time, and still is now, my favourite colour is purple. I wanted a purple stone ring. The silversmith tipped a tiny bag of purple gems onto her workbench and asked me to select two that I liked the most. That was my first encounter with Amethyst crystals.

Crystal selection is a deeply personal, individual process. I believe crystals have the power to select their owner. It’s a partnership. Even when I give crystals as gifts I can go into the shop with the intention of one stone and come out with totally another. They have a way of communicating so you just know which is the right one.

Mary Kunus perfectly describes how crystals are living things.

Gems and crystals come from within Mother earth.  They are alive and intelligent, having the intelligence of nature within every cell of their beings. (1)

Crystals are conductors of energy, both positive & negative. That is why they widely used in healing work.

There I was, eleven years ago, selecting, or being selected, by my first Amethyst crystals. The final ring is amazing. I still have it today and I’m wearing it now as I write. It has travelled round the world with me, it moved to Australia with me, it’s been dirty, scratched and tucked away in a drawer. It even stayed in tacked when a twelve-year-old girl asked for a closer look then proceeded to put it in her mouth & try to get one of the stones that had come lose out with her teeth. (WTF I know!) Reminder – never let anyone touch your special crystals, their energy can pollute them!! It’s still here, in one piece, for me when I need it.

Amethyst is a great protection stone. I had no idea when I took it travelling with me that is was there to look over me & keep me safe, repelling more energy than it attracts. Now whenever I travel I make sure it is on my finger.

Here’s more about Amethyst:

  • Chakra: Crown
  • Vibration: 3
  • Colour: Purple/violet
  • Family: Crystal Quartz
  • Birthstone: February & June
  • Archangel: Zadkiel, Angel of forgiveness, mercy, tolerance and transmutation of negative energy.
  • Metaphysical: Brings calmness and clarity to the mind especially in times of confusion and anxiety. Making it is very good for stress. Amethyst increases intuition helping one with spiritual, mystic and psychic work. It can help with addictive behaviour, especially alcohol abuse.
  • Physical healing: Calms the nervous system, digestive tracts and the heart. Used for insomnia, headaches, hearing disorders, stomach, skin and teeth. Cleanses and purifies.

Love & Light,

Seren xx

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(1) Kurus, M. 2002, Cleansing Negative Energies from you Gems, Crystals, Jewlery and Pendulums.

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