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Brighten Your Day

Does anyone else have the problem of not knowing what to wear each day? I know it sounds totally ridiculous on the grand scale of things to be worrying about ‘clothes’ but it does cause a dilemma from a metaphysical point of view.

I touched a little on Colour Therapy in this post back in February. Colours can really have an impact on your energy body. Over the first part of this year I really started paying more attention to the colours around me. Especially the colours I wore. I felt I was wearing far too much black. Black is great but not all the time, it was starting to bring me down. Since I’ve introduced an array of coloured clothing into my life I’ve noticed how colours can alter my mood.

Having certain colours close assists me in communication; concentration, relaxation or a well needed energy boost. That is why I feel it is important to pay attention to the colour of the clothes I’m wearing. Hello wardrobe dilemma.

I used to pick a Colour Therapy card each morning & either carry it with me or wear something of that particular colour. Now I’m using my intuition on a daily basis I’m stepping away from the cards & letting my inner guidance lead me.

A couple of Friday’s ago I was feeling tired, a little run down & a touch grumpy. As I stood in front of my wardrobe I could not decide what to wear. My mood was low so I automatically reached for a dark grey/brown top. It’s a great top, even has a highlight of sparkle to it but it still was a muted, dull colour. Just like my emotions.

My inner knowing kicked in & I got that familiar ‘pulling’ feeling signaling me to pay attention & tune in. I pushed the door back further & there was my answer. A bright pink magenta thick hooded sweater I wear over layers. I’d forgotten all about this top as it had gotten lost down the end of the rack.

When I checked my emails the Kumara Centre’s daily meditation was waiting for me. Perfect synchronicity I was already a step ahead.

Choose a colour to wear today that will brighten your day and make you feel good.

– Michelle Hickman.

Magenta is a powerful colour. Just what I needed that day to kick start my waning enthusiasm. Bright magenta is the colour of the Higher Self, divine love & brings great joy. Magenta can help bridge the gap between duality bringing you back to your inner wisdom. Above else it’s cheery!

I got the message I needed some magenta in my day. When everything seemed doom & gloom a gentle nudge of colour reminded me of my path & why I’m here. Step away from the human emotional drama that is created by my head & sink within. Once I did that I remembered all the pleasure, happiness & excitement there is in my life. This was an instant mood lift.

A huge ‘thank you’ went out to the universe for that one. The day turned out great, which I do feel, was all down to brightening my day with a splash of magenta.

Love Seren xx

Seren Colour Magenta

My Healing Room

Ask me a year ago whether I’d have a fully functioning room dedicated to healing in my house, I probably would have said ‘err no, should I?’ How twelve months has changed me because yes I now have a healing room at my house. I’ve mentioned my room in passing on here a few times but now I feel it’s time to show you around. Let’s start with the back-story.

I developed an interest in holistic healing methods a few years ago when I had my first kinesiology session. I was astounded what emotional blockages were brought to the surface in just one treatment. This session also introduced me to the power of crystal healing. Other healing modalities I have tried include Reiki, sound healing, chakra balancing and energetic healing with sound, colour & essential oils.

My interest in becoming a healer myself was really spurred on after I completed the Advanced Mentoring Program with Elizabeth Peru. My eyes were wide open to working with energy in every day life & how we have the power to heal our bodies without the use of conventional toxic medications. I now devour anything written by Hay House Publishing and the really old spiritual texts to develop my understanding of the power of healing with energy.

In January this year I took a weekend course for Reiki Level I. To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect being on the other side of the table. Everyone heals in different ways and has different gifts of communicating with the source energy. Reiki Level I taught me the hand placement technique for conducting a healing from which I can expand on with practice. I was truly blessed to have such a personal course with just one other student & myself. Our Reiki Master tailored our training to suit our levels of intuition that turned out to be more advanced than any of us realized. The universe brought us all together for a reason.

The only way to progress ones abilities as a healer is to get out there & heal. The experience I gained from hands on practice taught me to trust in my abilities and the messages I receive. With Reiki Level I it is suggested you only practice on people you know until you are comfortable & ready for Level II. That is why my healing room was created. I needed a space to practice in.

The spare room in my house had already been cleared out of the bed that was hardly ever used to make space for my painting easel & art gear. It seemed a logical area to use for healing as well. I bought a massage table that folded out & packed away neatly so I could bring it out when I had someone to work on. I rolled like this for a while. Packing away the table after every session and only bringing it out if I had someone booked in. This got quite tiresome. Yes it’s a ‘portable’ table but the room is not that big, sometimes it feels like a game of twister getting it up and down. Then making it up with the sheets, blankets and pillows. (Yes I went to town dressing my table too, I want my clients to be comfy!) I eventually left the table ‘up’ all the time. That’s when the light bulb went off. This room needed to be dedicated always to healing.

I moved my painting equipment out to the lounge room, as it’s not a good idea to have your healing space smelling of solvents. It all then came together quickly. More furniture was shifted out and lovely new soft furnishings came in. All my metaphysical tools had a place within easy access. My crystals and alchemy oils are all at hand if I quickly need to grab them as directed. I have a friend who makes divine soy candles that make the room smell delicious and softly lit. Recently I invested in an oil diffuser that also changes colour. I’m slowly moving towards working with colours too as well as oils. My latest obsession is relaxation music. How dangerous is iTunes and Amazon, one click & instant mp3. It’s all-good though & helps ‘set the scene.’ My favourite right now is Angelic Reiki.

It really does look & feel like a professional healing space now. My friends who come for Reiki always comment on the lovely energy the room has. Each time I conduct a healing in there the room is infused with even more beautiful energy. I get to enjoy the energy too. I often prepare for a session by meditating laying on the table myself. I do cleanse and clean before and after each session so any negatives are removed. I’m lucky not to have any close neighbours so I don’t have to worry about cleansing too far field either.

Just like magic and in that great movie Field of Dreams, “build it and they will come” they sure did. Once I gave the spare room the identity it deserved and a purpose the ball started rolling. I haven’t had a weekend in over two months without a Reiki client. People are happy to travel out to see me for a session as I firmly set the intention they would come if I desired them too.

This is a beautiful lesson of how to put your dreams into action. If you want something to happen for you, you need to put the wheels in motion & do it for yourself. Don’t sit back & wait for people to do it for you because that might never happen. Follow my lead. I went out and put action to an idea. Now I get to practice healing every week that is such a wonderful reward for everyone.

Do you have a sacred space in your house dedicated to healing, hobbies or just relaxation? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Love Seren xx

Seren Healing room

Crystal Healing – Blue Apatite

I’m very excited to introduce you too crystal of the week. Blue Apatite is a very positive crystal with multiple uses. I was attracted to it primarily for it’s association with the Throat Chakra to enhance communications. My part job as Bikram Yoga teacher requires me to pretty much talk non-stop for 90 minutes. Any help I can get in assisting the words to flow is greatly appreciated.

My first piece of Blue Apatite I used to tuck into my pocket and carry around with me. This causes all sorts of problems especially when you forget it’s there and it falls out on the floor or worse, goes through the wash. Ideally Apatite should be worn against the skin, especially over the throat chakra to improve communications. Then I got the idea I should purchase a Blue Apatite pendant.

I don’t usually like buying crystals online, I like to pick them up & feel if they are a good fit. Connect with them and let them choose me. You don’t know for sure how they have been mined either online. I tried the local crystal shops but nothing grabbed me so I hit up Etsy. I like supporting small business artisans and the pieces on there I felt were made with love, and not mass-produced in factories.

I found it! The pendant I knew should be mine. It was set on a silver bail reminiscent of a Celtic knot with a neoprene cord. Perfect for the hot room, neoprene won’t go skanky when soaked in sweat. A stunning piece, had crafted by Charlotte Taylor.

Blue Apatite isn’t just for communications it enhances creativity and awakens the inner self. If attuned to the third eye it can improve concentration. A good piece to have if you’re studying. Another handy benefit, if made into an elixir (watch this space more on elixirs later in the series!) can help suppress hunger.

I got rather attached to my Apatite. I think at one point I was wearing it a lot for teaching. Just like a security blanket. You never want to get too dependent on anything this can cause all sorts problems. My Apatite had a great way of letting me know this. When I was carrying out over the tile floor for it’s monthly cleanse, it slipped and fell. On the tiles. A small piece broke of one of the edges. I was gutted. Can you imagine if the whole pendant has smashed? It was telling me I’d become attached & I needed to let it breathe for a while.

Now I rarely wear it to teach. I feel I have good balance between my third eye and throat chakras. I wear it whenever I feel drawn to it. It’s an awesome piece to draw creative inspiration that helps in my main day job. I make sure it is fully secure before travelling over the tiles!

  • Chakra: Throat & 3rd Eye
  • Vibration: 9
  • Colour: Blue, grey, green, grey, yellow
  • Family: Apatite
  • Birthstone: February & March
  • Metaphysical: Balancing, creativity, healing, peace & eliminates negativity. Good for communication, clarity & intellect
  • Physical: Suppresses appetite
  • Spiritual: Manifesting, meditation, psychic development & releases blockages.

Love & light,

Seren xx


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