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March Oracle Card Reading


Welcome to the first full week of March. With all the amped up energy that’s flying around I felt it was time for an oracle card reading.


Focus on the cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. Scroll down the page below for your reading.


Today’s cards are the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phlen, published by Blue Angel.


Enjoy, love







Scroll down for your card…before reading my intuited words take some time to gaze upon the image on the card and see what comes up for you. What message does your intuition have for you through this card? Then take a look at the reading and see if my words resonate for you as well.



{Card A} Challenge your perception

We each see and experience life so differently. Sometimes it can be very easy to get ‘stuck in our ways’ only believing that things are a certain way because they always have been. Everything in life is constantly evolving and changing therefore it’s natural for our perceptions to change too. It’s okay to change your mind!


Try to see things from every point of view. What you believe may be the right way for you but not for someone else. Especially if there is conflict going on around you right now. Step into the other person’s shoes and see it from their angle. I love the quote “one person’s medicine is another person’s poison.” Both sides can be equally right from their perception or equally wrong. Open your mind to all possibilities.


Your beliefs maybe challenged right now. Just because you’ve always lived or done something one way maybe it’s time to mix it up and give something else a try? If you have always been a devoted vegan and suddenly you are feeling the pull to try bone both then do it. If it doesn’t suit you there is always the option to go back. Explore and get curious xx





{Card B} Time to reflect


Look back on everything you have achieved right from day one. Often we hone in on the negative, what we could have done better or regret not trying harder. I believe there are far more wins in life than we give ourselves credit for. Every experience has occurred to make up our life story. We are here to grow, learn and have an adventure. Take some time to honour how far you have come and all the obstacles you’ve tackled to be the person you are today.


Maybe a current situation is asking for to look deeper into. The people you surround yourself with are all mirrors reflecting messages back so we can learn more about ourselves. If someone is bringing up strong emotions for you dig deep within yourself and ask why. What parts of you are they reflecting back that need some attention at this time xx





{Card C} Wash away your burdens


It’s time to let go of the heaviness that is weighing you down. We can’t go back and change the past but we can learn for the future. You’ve picked this card today as you are in need of some energetic cleansing. Call in the element of water to assist you to literally wash away any stale energy, stress and worry that is holding you back. Use you energy instead to move forward rather than dwelling on what was.


You can physically cleanse in the ocean, bath or shower to release, forgive and heal. See your burdens washing away down the plughole leaving you feeling lighter and clearer.


If it’s not possible to use real water sit quietly in meditation visualizing a cleansing stream of water pouring over you. Have compassion for yourself, try not to judge if you have been holding on to the past. Let go now and hand over your burdens to your spiritual support team who will nurture and take care of them for you xx


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