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Dreams can come true

Dreams can come true. My dream is coming true right before my eyes. It’s been developing for a while & now I’m living it everyday. The funny thing is I didn’t realize at first that I was.

I’ve written a few times about my work as a healer. What started out as an interest so I could learn how to heal myself & understand energy has turned into a real life business opportunity. Twelve months ago yesterday when I set out on this journey of self-discovery my brief was “to work in an area I love & get paid for it.” This is now a reality. I love conducting healing sessions and following up with clients when they need to chat off the table. It does not feel like work, it is not a chore or a hassle. This is because healing is my Soul’s purpose in this life. (Whole new post coming on unearthing that discovery!) I’m working from home & getting paid for it. I am my own boss taking full responsibility for everything involved.

Wow I have my own real life business! I still can’t really believe it. I have a brand name, graphic style, ABN and all the trimmings! I was so excited blitzing Officeworks for cash receipt books, an appointment diary, stationery & folders to start out the new tax year officially. I have paperwork too to keep on top of; client registration and record forms. The first time I sent out a PayPal invoice and had it paid was so exciting. I even figured out how to put my logo on there.

I can’t really say there is a magic secret to getting what you truly desire, apart from setting your intention and working really hard to make it happen. It does take time and it can be challenging. I have learned you just have to go out there and make things happen for yourself no one will just hand things over on a plate. It’s no good being jealous of those who ‘have it all’ go out there and get it all for yourself too. It’s YOU who needs to take control of your life. (Side note: I’ve been channeling a lot of Archangel Michael’s energy of late which makes me very blunt & to the point in the most caring, heart felt way of course :-))

One big thing that has stood out in the process of developing my own business is this. Once I surrendered my control to the universe and let things develop organically everything just came together effortlessly. In the past I tended to push too hard at times, always focusing on the end result, forcing the path to fit into my ‘ideal.’ Once I ditched my ‘ideal’ and let things flow naturally I have even more than what I could have dreamed of when I started out. Regular weekly clients, a healing room and my own brand.  Now this is all in place I am slowly coming back to the original idea I had for my brief.

My first burst of inspiration came in around September last year. I thought it would be a great idea to run my own holistic retreats. I’ve been on a few wellness and yoga retreats myself and loved every minute. How nice would it be to facilitate my own? Design a retreat I would like to go on. Back when this idea first sparked I’d planned on hiring other people to give talks, conduct healings, lead yoga & meditation classes.

I made the mistake (or learning curve step) of sharing my idea too quickly. Wanting to get other people involved to bounce ideas off. My own fear of not being qualified or experienced enough to lead a workshop made me turn to other people. The other people were soon squashing my vision, telling me this won’t work or that won’t work blah, blah and blah. I was looking into venue hire because ‘the others’ were telling me it had to be central, near a beach, have parking and a good coffee shop near by. I listened; I took on board what they were saying and then binned the whole thing.

Something deep down didn’t quite fit for me with this idea of bringing ‘others’ in on it. Yes I will need helpers but not people who wanted to take away my control. It was my baby; I wanted to be a full time mother. If this is going to work I need to be leading it 100% to make it authentic to my vision and Soul.

Now many months on I’ve  realised I do have the skills and knowing to make this original idea a reality all by myself. It’s what I love doing most teaching people and sharing what I’ve learned. All in a hope they will find something of interest to improve their own life even just a little bit & then pass it onto their friends. To create a space to share and talk about my passion of energy healing, health and wellbeing is a dream I want to make a reality.

I’ve been really busy brain-storming in my journal. Scribbling ideas and notes of my new retreat/workshop vision. I don’t want to abort it like last time so I’m keeping quiet for now. I will share one thing though. I figured out the venue dilemma. I will be using my own house. I have the perfect setting as I live on a 120-acre rural property. This was right under my nose the whole time but I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I have some friends and family who are excellent chefs so why not offer a homemade lunch straight out of our veggie patch? I can see it now a group of like-minded people sitting in the shade of one of our many trees, surrounded by nature, animals & light sharing the love of the universe.

Watch this space there are exciting times ahead I feel…

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” ~ Farrah Gray

Love Seren xx

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