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When surgery is a positive experience

For someone who has never had any medical procedures apart from the routine one’s blood test, blood pressure etc. to have two major surgeries in one year is quite epic. The first was the removal of all four of my wisdom teeth after years of agony & British dentists refusing to take them out. On my first visit to an Australian (British trained funnily enough) dentist I was told those teeth had to go. It would be a day surgery procedure with full on general anaesthetic (my first). It went very well & I’ve not had any post surgery problems.

The second surgery came about eight months later. Since the age of 15 or 16 I had an epidermoid cyst next to my left ear. It started off as an acne pimple from which the pore must have been blocked resulting in a build up of epidermis causing the cyst. I was always aware of it but being a teenager ignored it despite people commenting on ‘what is that lump on your face?’ The cyst was not weeping or painful. It was just there. As you can see from the below photos it was quite large, how I could just ignore that I do not know. I grew my hair and kept it covered.

Over the years I Googled what it could be leading to a self-diagnosis of it being an epidermoid cyst. Looking back now it is something I should have checked out ASAP, it could have been malignant. However as it didn’t grow or change appearance I was pretty confident it was a cyst.

My journey of awakening to a Soul lead life really helped me get on top of the physical manifestation on my face. It was in a kinesiology session that I was told that the cyst was unbalancing me. The therapist who was also beauty trained took a keen interest in my cyst. She gave me an organic herbal treatment to try to see if it would reduce the size. A friend also tried crystal healing on it in a Reiki session.

Last year I came to realise that the cyst had grown at a time I was going through some super emotional things in my teenage life that I wasn’t facing up to. I wasn’t listening to what I was being told, trying to hide from hearing the worse. The result was the build up and manifestation of the cyst next to my left ear. Left being our spiritual and feminine side. My situation involved a female friend who was terminally ill.

Nothing metaphysical worked. It was time to get it sorted out. I asked my GP about a surgical removal. She said it was a very delicate area next to my ear that had some pretty important nerves attached. Confirming my diagnosis that it was an epidermoid cyst which 99% were not cancerous I was advised to leave it.

A friend who is very well connected in the surgical field took a special interest in my ‘lump.’ To the point she got me a consultation with an eye surgeon who was able to refer me to a specialist plastic surgeon. Everything happened so quickly from then. The plastic surgeon took one look at my cyst and was confident he could remove it with the help of an ENT specialist. Within two weeks I was booked in for the procedure under local anaesthetic.

It was a quite a bizarre day. Having my cyst removed after an 18-year relationship was moving. It was time for me to let go of the emotions that caused it to develop in the first place. I was ready to literally have that part of my life cut out and be gone. I was ready. Eighteen years is a long time. However it fitted perfectly with the ebb and flow of the universe. Eclipses move in eighteen-year cycles too.

I took myself to the surgery as being under local I didn’t need someone to drive me. It was strange laid on the operating table, fully awake, with the drape over my head whilst the doctors scraped and cut away the appendage. I couldn’t feel a thing. I was very confident in the surgeon’s ability and was reassured having the ENT specialist there guiding the scalpel away from my precious nerve endings. I was warned I could loose the feeling in that part of my face. It might effect my eye or mouth movement but this I was told is rare. The nurse quickly showed me my cyst once it was removed but I couldn’t see it properly.

It was all done and over with within 30 minutes. I did get to see the cyst after in the specimen bottle. It had to go to the lab to be checked so I couldn’t keep it. Gross I know, why would I want to keep it! It was fine, as predicted not malignant just a solid ball of skin crap. I took myself home & was back in work the next day.

This surgery was massive for me. I did feel so balanced afterwards & still do. I’m no longer carrying around years of denial or hurt. I was free. The healing process was amazing too. I had no problems at all. I wasn’t given any drugs just Vaseline to keep it from drying out. Once the stitches were removed I used organic rosehip oil to help the scarring. Within a few weeks there was no sign the cyst was even there. Nearly a year on all I have is a tiny white line. This was more confirmation that the time was right for the cyst to be removed. I even had my hair cut really short as I no longer need the hair to hide the cyst behind. My mentor even commented she felt I would do this and even cut my hair shorter, which I did. All part of the process of me living to my purpose and letting the true me shine.

When your mind is in the right place and your Soul is guiding you on the correct path the outcome will be nothing but positive. I am so happy I had the cyst removed. The times I was told it couldn’t be removed I can see now it wasn’t the right time for me to let go. As soon as I was ready the solution was presented to me simply and the process flowed. The universe was just waiting for me to be ready it won’t and can’t step in unless we give consent. That was given and off we went!

Love Seren xx

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Be More Random

The last week of May seriously messed me up as I explained in my hibernation post. June rolled in and the cloud lifted, just like that. Seven days made such a difference. Resting up and taking it easy did the trick. It helped immensely I had a long weekend to really rejuvenate. I’m out the other side, happy, shining and ready to go.

Digging really deep and asking lots of inner questions lead me to realise what I’ve been missing recently. Randomness! My days are like most of yours I have a job that requires me to be there from 9-5. With this structured non negotiable I need to make sure the rest of my waking hours do not fall into the same boring routine of eat, sleep, work, exercise repeat. My Soul gets very grumpy when I forget this and that rigid structure becomes all day, every day. She needs to be random!

Saturday June 1st I was random. I took myself off to an Xtend Barre class then went shopping at a mall I never go to. It was lovely. I even bumped into a friend randomly & met some new people. I could feel my Soul jumping for joy, clapping her hands saying ‘how nice is this.’ The change of space was just what I needed to freshen things up.

My other job teaching yoga is very structured too. I have regular time slots I teach because of my day job. It is mixed up on a two-week rotation (more for the students sake!). We are able to switch and swap classes when something else comes up. I have been reluctant to do switches lately, as I didn’t want to upset my balance. Oh how wrong was I and stuck in that rut. I was on plateau central and needed step off. I had to trust the universe that the balance will come if I made some changes.

Over the weekend I helped out two different teachers get covers. It was epic, getting everyone sorted out across two studios on different days and times. Resistance did kick in I was over thinking, staring at my roster looking for an answer. The answers came when I asked for some inner guidance. We fixed it everyone got the covers they needed.

What did I get out of it? Four different classes at times I never or rarely teach. I was so excited about this. New people to teach, also students I know & never get to teach would be at these classes. Mixing it up for all of us. Randomness ahoy Soul! I had to juggle the day job a bit but hey it’s no biggie. When I trust that the best solution for me will present itself & surrender control all will run smoothly.

It’s not been that easy, of course there were challenges in all of this. One class I was not sure about as it meant teaching two classes back to back on a school night. I’ve not done a b2b for ages so why not go freaking crazy balls that week.  By taking on the double I get a whole Saturday off! I’m usually out and about on Saturdays doing self-love things after teaching and buying the weekly food supply. The Saturday I switched is a blank canvas. All I need to do it throw some paint on it. How lovely.

Now I will be more aware when I’m feeling the grind of every day life that I need to mix it up. Get uncomfortable when I’m too comfortable. It’s not that hard and if it’s the right thing for me it will all come about. However, like with everything, I need to take action for myself. Trigger that spark of thought for something new and then give the universe permission to help me out in showing me the way.

Have you done something totally random recently and loved every minute of it? Please share in the comments below.

Love Seren xx


Oracle Card from True Shining Self

Leading up to last weekends Super Full moon and the birth of a new family of eclipses the energy was highly charged. Those sensitive to planetary activity were having quite the roller coaster ride. Even if you didn’t know you are sensitive you probably felt something a little different going on.

For me I was buzzing with ideas and actioning them on a creative level. On the down side I was very tired and my whole body hurt. Think flu symptoms without the flu. I dragged myself through two challenging Bikram yoga classes where I struggled and strained in an attempt to release what ever was in there causing these physical manifestations. Friday the 24th May rolled round & I was done. I just wanted to curl up on a cosy bed to relax and absorb the power that the universe was sending me.

Recently I found a wonderful blog & FB page from an intuitive healer & passionate Angelic channel Amy. True Shining Self is a realm of love & passionate oozing with authenticity. On Amy’s FB page on Friday she posted this status:

*Oracle Card* – especially for you

Happy Friday everyone! I’m free for the next 15 mins. Say ‘YES’ in the comments below if you would like me to pull an oracle card for you.
(In case you’re not familiar with Oracle Cards, they act as messengers – they relay what you need to know about a situation or give guidance in moving forward)

I was all over this one. I love a good scry with the cards. I have a few boxes myself but it’s always nice for someone else to draw one for you. The cards Amy used are Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies oracle cards.

Here is what I got:

Your card is ‘Dietary Change’ – your metabolism is extremely sensitive, your guides have been giving you messages and this card is a validation that you have been hearing them correctly. As you improve your diet, so do you heal other areas of your life.

Cards are very subjective & if you don’t believe in their power that is just fine. I do & this one hit the spot. I have been a bit slack the past three weeks when I should be upping my game and keeping on top of my diet. With the planetary activity being high and I was being called to action I should have been fuelling myself better.

My metabolism has been crazy busy of late. Everything I’ve eaten has been burnt up in a flash. (Lucky me but not when you need some heaviness to keep your feet on the ground) I needed some good plant based nutrition and lots of warming grounding foods these past few weeks. I did the latter no problem but the former I had slacked off. Since the weather has turned chilly I’ve not been craving my green smoothies in the morning. Instead I had toasted homemade banana bread. What I should have done was make hot, thick, wholesome soup. But I didn’t. My body really took a hammering without it’s hit of liquid veg. I haven’t been taking my whole food supplements either. A whole week has passed since I finished a bottle & just hadn’t remembered to pull out & start a new one.

Hence the flagging energy I felt after bursts of creativity. I wasn’t nourishing myself enough to keep going. My guides sure have been telling me to get my act together. I’ve even passed messages onto others about food this cycle. Yet I cruised along in a rut not addressing the issue I needed too. Time to get my veg on! Lot’s of warming soups, curries, brown rice risotto & quinoa bakes. I have pumpkins & sweet potato a plenty in my garden all ready for a big coconut oil roast up.

Side note: I just took a break from writing to make a green smoothie & boy does it taste good. When you follow your Soul’s advise nothing but good comes from it!

Thank you Amy for a giving me the card I needed to take action on. It’s wonderful to be in tune with you guides but if you don’t act on their advice immediately you end up breaking down which is just what you wanted to avoid by asking for guidance in the first place.

Love Seren xx

Seren Oracle card Soup

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The Advanced Mentoring Program with Elizabeth Peru

Those of you that follow this blog regularly will have heard me mention my Soul Mentor Elizabeth Peru. Why do I need or use a Soul Mentor you may well ask. About twelve months ago I was in a bit of a fix with the direction my life was going. I was working two jobs that combined involved working very long days, often rising at 4am some days then not getting home till 10pm on others. All this whilst trying to fit in other activities, running a home & being in a committed relationship. I was knackered!

The simple solution would be to cut back on something, work fewer hours or teach less yoga. The problem is I loved everything I was doing I was just not balancing them equally. Growing up I was always being told ‘you can’t do everything.’ Why not I would think, I can do everything just you watch me. This stemmed my desire to do everything I wanted and do it well. That was my stubborn, ego head leading the way. I needed assistance to get that under control & find balance in my life. A friend recommended me to Elizabeth’s services and it all rolled on from there to the point I am at right now.

In July last year I enrolled after a pre-intake Skype meeting in The Advanced Mentoring Program the first part of the Merit Mastery Program. On the program I worked one on one with Elizabeth to bring some balance & order back into my life. The key focus of the Advanced Mentoring is to really get to know your self on a Soul level. In order to do this you need to get your personality/head under control and working as a team with you heart/Soul.

Over the 12-week program of nine personal one-hour sessions and video classes you really get to grips with finding out who you really are. You will uncover where your natural talents lie, how to use them & bring a huge awareness into your every day life.

It’s not easy. Elizabeth will not hand you all the answers on a plate. If you want results you have to work hard. It is a process but a truly rewarding one & you are fully supported on your journey by Elizabeth. Any questions I had or challenges I didn’t understand were explained clearly to me in a straight forward no nonsense manner.

Through the lessons I learned on Advanced Mentoring & now Master Mentoring I’ve brought balance, peace and love into my busy life. I am flowing smoothly through life with my Soul as my one true guide whom I trust without question. I now over come challenges with ease and grace. I’m living in the present moment and trusting everything is happening for the right reason. I’m living authentically and using my natural given talents every day from which I am reaping all sorts of rewards. I could not recommend Elizabeth’s work for those ready to take the next step to finding their spiritual truth.

If you are ready to take the next step in your life, find out who you really are & make a change for the better this program may well be for you. The good news is the final program for 2013 is starting on July 29. It is offered globally to anyone over eighteen years old. Please be prepared to commit fully to the twelve-week program both personally & financially. It is a commitment but you will know if it resonates with you enough to take part. Be aware it is a professional service so it does come at a cost. For the full program outline & video link please click here. For further information & current pricing please email Elizabeth directly at:

If you’re not ready for such an in depth course of study Elizabeth offers other services too check out this page. There are also daily complimentary Soul guidance posts on Elizabeth’s Facebook page & Twitter.

Love Seren xx

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