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Must Trust

Trust is a powerful word. It takes such a leap of faith to fully trust in something when you are feeling a little unsure. Learning to trust & let go of my control has been a great challenge for me. Especially when you go through life being a trusting person to then have that trust explode in your face leaving you hurt.

Since I’ve been learning to work with the invisible universal powers that be, trust had to come into play. Especially when you’re dealing with something that is not tangible. Our poor restricted, conditioned human minds struggle so hard to believe in something that hasn’t been ‘proven’ or we can’t see ‘see with our human senses.’ Oh we can use our human-ness to connect with the invisible we just need to get out of our heads and trust.

Last week was huge for me in trust land. I had no control over a situation & had to place my trust in the hands of the universe. Are you sitting comfortably? Now I shall begin my story…

I’d been working super hard on a personal design project with a very tight deadline. I thrive on a bit of excitement & pressure it was great to have something to get my teeth stuck into. I gave up a whole Saturday, rearranging and cancelling commitments in order to give me lots of time to get my project underway. It went very well, I was pleased with the out come of the full days work. The project continued through out the week to its final completion. Friday I had everything in order and printed out on lovely glossy stock ready to take home in a folder specially purchased for its transportation.

It was a very quiet day and most of my colleagues had left early. There was no point me staying as there was no one to actually give me any work so I headed off two hours early. What luxury for a Friday. Special folder in hand as well as two other bags I looked like quite the packhorse getting myself to the station.

I deeply desired to get a seat at the end of the carriage so I could tuck my folder down the side without it getting bent. The seat as desired materialised for me as I wished. My folder was safely and straightly stored down the seat. You can probably guess already what happened next. Yes I got off the train and forgot my folder!

Exiting the train I bumped into a friend who actually knew I’d been working on my project & enquired how it went. Realisation hit me so hard I felt physically sick. All my work had been completed & was now heading unattended on the train north. My poor friend was abandoned in the car park as I quickly thought of a plan. A man who must have over heard my flapping pulled over in his car to tell me the phone number I needed. Nice man, thanks for the advice, I now had plan B.

The station has an attendant’s office but I had no idea if it was manned. Hot footing it over there, again willing so deeply someone would be there to advise me what to do. The station attendant was there and didn’t seem fazed at all a customer had a lost property enquiry. He got straight on the phone & made arrangements for a transit officer at the end of the line to go check the carriage for my folder.

A nerve wracking ten minutes came next. I was putting out so much energy and visualising myself with my folder again. ‘Nothing is truly lost in the eyes of the universe’ I kept repeating to myself. I’d only given this advice out to someone else the other week and his ‘lost item’ was rediscovered. I knew I had to trust deeply that the outcome would be the right one. All that work, all that paper and effort. It wouldn’t have been a huge problem to reprint everything but I didn’t want to redo it all again. I stayed calm, breathed deeply and didn’t waste precious energy on thinking the worst. I only thought about my desired outcome positively.

Trusting paid off. The phone call came the folder had made it to the end of the line. Another passenger was in the process of bringing it off the train when the transit officer arrived to collect it. It was waiting for me in the office at the station. I could not thank the attendant enough. I sent so many thanks; gratitude and love out in return as I drove up to collect my folder.

I didn’t make it home much earlier that day I trust that is how it was meant to be. There was definitely a lesson in this for me mainly to stay present & trust in what is meant to be. If the folder had gone missing en route I had to trust it was for the right reason.

It is truly magical when you surrender control and put trust in the universe the out come will be the right one. When you work with the universe things happen so simply. It’s our human-ness I feel that complicates matters. We over think & over look what is right under our noses. From following my own Soul’s guidance I am noticing even more the answers are so simple when you go with flow.

Love Seren xx

Shifts & Changes

Wow what a great start to April is all I can say. These past two weeks have been great. March was draining I was very physically and mentally tired. All I wanted to do was sleep but my dreams were super busy with lots of astral travel. Meaning I would wake up feeling like I’d done a days work because I had. The planets were busy too as we rode the Mercury Retrograde with a powerful full moon.

March was however a fantastic time for me. My constant whacked state was due to my physical body catching up with the changes of my spiritual body. I’d started a new course of study with my mentor and I was (& still am) reading some old spiritual texts. It was amazing how quick things changed for me and how simple the lessons were to grasp. Whilst my inner self was adjusting to the new information, making leaps & bounds in all the right directions my poor physical body couldn’t keep up. It was literally being left behind. The division of my two parts was extremely evident with the tiredness, sleepless nights & cravings for sugar. (Which I haven’t had in a long time)

Everything I’ve learned over the past six weeks has really settled in now & has been absorbed. I can start living this new truth, integrating my two parts back to balance. I feel so alive again and so very grateful for everything I have right now. I feel cocooned in a pink bubble of happiness. It’s just lovely when these moments of integration happen. When I’m off kilter I look back to these times as a reference point to remember what to do get this feeling back.

I’m seeing random acts of kindness everywhere. Strangers interacting with each other doing the most gracious and caring things. A lady dropped her jacket yesterday in front of me. I thought ‘oh her jacket’ and rushed forward to pick it up to be beaten to it by another kind stranger. Another lady had a tear in her work trousers I noticed from a far. It was a tricky call to make, she obviously didn’t realize as it was in quite a sensitive spot, basically her ass was hanging out! Whilst I thought how shall I approach this, another lady further in front jumped in and subtly mentioned the rip. I sent my gratitude to these wonderful people & hope they are re given too ten fold for their actions. I’m sure they will be.

Another shift that has been occurring for the whole of this year has been with physical exercise. I’ve really struggled with my own personal Bikram practice. I’ve been too drained to get in the room as regularly as I used too. When I’m shifting like this I don’t deal very well in big energy situations, I tend to hibernate. Staying away from the room was my way of dealing. I had a huge mental struggle going on which was fine as my two halves were not as together as usual.

A massive part of my lessons this past two weeks has been to see everyone ‘as one.’ We are all from the same source we see each other in everyone as we are each other. One light with many projections. Does that make sense? It’s hard to explain. With this fresh in my head I was so fired up for some yoga. My body needed to move. The perfect situation to be in a room full of mirrors reflecting back the negative image of the positive soul projections, all-working together and moving together as one. One light, shining. I had a beautiful practice this morning once I’d grasped this concept. No need to feel drowned & bogged down by all the different energy in the room as there is no different energy, just one, all radiating from the same point. I could not have felt more balanced & in unity. After all yoga means unity, now I get this even more deeply.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Do something exceptional today. All the tools you need are inside you already just ask to be shown and use them.

Much love,

Seren xx

And now it begins…

Seren welcome sign #2

I hope this post finds you all well?

Firstly I’d like to express my deepest thanks to who ever has dropped by to read this blog. I have created this space primarily to post about subjects I am passionate about & can write about with love, from within. The main theme to start with is how my life has transitioned to follow a more holistic way of living. I’d like to share with you what I do to create a balanced, healthful lifestyle amongst the challenges of 21st century living. Secondly I decided to put my thoughts out there in the public realm in hope that something in here will inspire, encourage, inform or simply entertain. I’m giving back to keep the flow of the universe ticking over nicely and making room to receive back.

Everything you will read or see has come from what I have experienced in my own life. I’m not into stealing ideas or copying. That said there might be similarities you find from other blogs or places. We all draw inspiration from different sources & that may be the same arena. Some of you may not agree with what you read, that is fine, we are all individual’s on our own path. What works for me might not relate to you & your life at all. That’s what makes us all so unique and magical.

There will be some fantastic guest writers dropping by too to impart their wisdom to you all. If you are interested in a guest spot please let me know, everyone from anywhere is always welcome.

The artwork on this page I have created myself to add my own personal stamp and decorate these pages with a small piece of me. Full credit will be given if I use other people’s art/resources. (It would be super nice too if you share any of my work to link it back to here too)

I’d love to hear from you all as well. If there is anything you’d like to say just drop me a line in the comments below.

Onwards and outwards dear readers, enjoy, the journey begins here…

Love & light,

Seren xx

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