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Full Moon & Solstice Oracle Card Reading


{ORACLE READING} Riding on the energy of the Full Moon & Solstice this week I felt drawn to sharing an Oracle card reading for you all.

Focus on the cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. This is your guidance for today & over the next few days. Scroll down the page for your channelled reading.


Card Pull 22 June 16 3 cards


Today’s cards are from The Little Sage home grown in Australia with love. Click here for more details.

With love,





Your guidance is here…


Solstice June Card A


{CARD A} Manifest – What an excellent card for the current energy! Get your manifesting shoes on anything is possible. Have you seen the seeds you sowed in January flourish into something beautiful & maybe unexpected? There’s the confirmation if you needed it that we all have the ability to manifest our dreams. Coming into the final six months of the year what would you like to achieve next? Sit with your dreams, visualise yourself already living them everyday & take steps to make it happen before the year is out. Good luck & love to you xx



Solstice June Card B


{CARD B} Life Lessons – What have you learned from your recent experiences? Good or bad there is something to take from all of this. Closing the loop on repetitive patterns that may not be serving you right now is a strong theme. Can you let go of these? If everything is panning out beautifully keep up the good work. There is always more learning & growing to be done. What can you do to take yourself to the next level now? Don’t get too comfortable new lessons are on the horizon. Go forward with an open heart, compassion & a sense of adventure xx



Solstice June Card C


{CARD C} Inner Child – Have you become disconnected from the cheeky, fun & curious side of your Soul? Life is not about being all serious, perfect & together. Get messy! Today’s guidance is giving you full permission (not that you every need permission from anyone) to have some freaking fun. What brought you great joy as a child? Were you your happiest when exploring in nature, dancing in the garden with the fairies or losing yourself for hours in a colouring book adventure? Reconnect with these simple pleasures. Take the day off from being an ‘adult’ go wild like a child xx

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