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Love Notes

Getting into work at the yoga studio at 5am is a pretty unsociable hour. Especially in winter when it’s freezing cold, raining and foggy. I love my job but sometimes it’s so hard to drag yourself out in such conditions.

Twice this week I’ve arrived at reception to love notes like these from my dear friends and fellow teachers. Instant joy! Blessings to be surrounded by such good people. We are like ships in the night as I work the late or early shifts but doesn’t mean we are any less friendly. These are being pasted into my journal for anytime I need a happy pick me up!

Small tokens of love really can brighten someone’s day. Is there someone in your life you like to leave notes for? Never left a note before? Give it a go today!

Love Seren xx

Seren Love Notes


We’ve all heard the saying ‘caring is sharing.’ Isn’t it the greatest feeling when you have something so wonderful you just want everyone to be a part of it too?

I set up this blog with the intent of sharing my knowledge with anyone who wished to receive it. I am sharing what I’ve learned in order to be of service to others. Deep down though it did not faze me that maybe no one will read. That did not bother me in the slightest. My writing is for me primarily, my outlet and my joy. If other’s wished to come along for the ride, hop on board.

The knowledge I have gained through hours of meditation, mentoring, study and healing is now embedded deeply enough into my daily life it is ready to be shared. I am still learning, a lot, there is so much knowledge to discover (or re-discover from past lives) & access I need to impart some of this wisdom to make room for some more. Empty my glass to refill it it’s a continuous cycle.

The act of giving or sharing works hand in hand with the law of nature. The two-way exchange, there is an equal and opposite to everything. Like breathing, we breathe in so we must breathe out. The more your give the more you will be re-given too. Don’t get me wrong this can easily be misinterpreted as selfish. I do not give solely because I want something material back in return this is not the point. The receiving or re-giving might not be obvious at first and may not be a ‘material’ return but you do get an instant result the moment you give out.

Let me explain further. In writing these blog posts I am sharing with you all and the instant return I receive back is pleasure. I love writing. My words go out as I type, my return is the joy of creating that I receive straight back. It makes me feel good, even though the post isn’t live yet the process is fulfilling. Even if I never publish this piece I am still giving out a part of me into the physical world. Following along?

Only the past week I have really noticed how far I have come in following my life path. I am comfortable enough and living authentically that life is not a struggle. I am flowing perfectly the way I am meant to be. It’s a constant rollercoaster ride for sure but I ‘trust’ its part of my plan.

Other’s are noticing the change in me too and are being drawn to me. Just like on a hot sunny day we flock outside to be in the sunlight. When a person’s ‘light’ is radiating strongly people are drawn to them. Okay it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I attract some undesired attention that I need to dig deep to see if these people truly are seeking my help or just wanting to feed off me. (Think Energy Vampires) By emitting my love and happiness to the world, it allows others to discover their own love and happiness. You can’t help but feel happy around positive, cheery people hey? That’s not selfish is it?

The greatest pleasure I get from working on purpose is to see my friends and clients flourish off their own back. I plant a seed for them, sometimes indirectly and they run with it. Usually the answers they are seeking are right under their noses or deep inside them. They just need to slow down, be still and ‘ta da’ they find their solution. It’s truly beautiful to watch. I love getting the feedback and the excited stories how one tiny hint from me accelerates them way beyond where they were. Actually it is all ‘them’ they are doing the work for themselves, it’s the only way any of us can progress forward. I’m just a tiny, tiny element of the process. Most people I work with are so busy rushing around inside their own heads and over thinking they miss the obvious. I’m there to gently steer them back inside where their answers lie. How do I know all this? Because I’ve done it myself in my own life & it works. Yes we are all different but we can all start at the same simple point of stillness and forge our own direction from there.

Go forth today and share your light with those around you. See how you feel, as this energy is re-given back to you instantly. Be careful also, if you radiate bad feelings of negativity they’ll come right back at you too. Keep it happy!

Love Seren xx

Love yourself by saying NO!

Have you ever found yourself saying yes to something you don’t really want to do? Then spending the whole time hating it and wishing you’d said no because you have so many other enjoyable things you could be doing instead? I bet we all have.

Why do we say yes to things we really want to say no? It comes down to that being a ‘good person’ thing that is quite the ideal to live by now. We don’t like letting people down, we want to do the right thing by our friends or family. Be available 24/7 to help out when needed. This must make you a good person right? What defines being a good person though? Who is actually setting this standard? I’ll tell you. You are.

You are in control you’re your life. No one else is, you are the one in the driving seat.  No one else can suddenly jump into you’re body, kick out your soul and start making all the decisions for you. Why do we have such a hard time saying no then? We clearly not in control are we?

Let me share my story, I am a reformed yes person. I like to please people, I am here to serve and assist others. It makes me tick. I am happy to help. I am still all the above but now I have boundaries. I always used to say yes to everything just to make other people happy and be ‘a good person.’ However I was saying yes to things I didn’t want to do or didn’t have the time for. Over giving and over stretching myself.  I ended up resenting the people because I felt they were being so demanding. They didn’t know they were putting on me because I just kept saying yes. Isn’t that an indication I was happy to help or else I’d say no right? It caused me stress and anxiety. Then I hated myself for bringing it all on.

Funnily enough my observations revealed more to me. The friends who were constantly calling on me were also the one’s always telling me how busy I am, “I can’t believe how you fit everything in, how do you do it? You’re super women.” If they noticed how busy I am why were they demanding I take on even more from them? That’s simple, I didn’t say no or stand up for myself.

Then why didn’t I stop? I didn’t realise I was doing it. It was a repetitive cycle of saying yes. I was so far in I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was constantly dropping everything I was doing, all the things I wanted to do, to meet the demands of others. Some were unpaid jobs for things that I should have been charging for. Somewhere deep inside it did feel good that people would call on me if they were in a fix. I love helping, it made me feel wanted and in demand. I felt that I must be really good at what I do if people are calling on me like this at a drop of a hat. I’d fallen in the trap of wanting approval from others. The only approval I need is from myself. Self love people!

Once my wake up call came it really opened my eyes.  I was hurting myself so much by being that ‘yes person.’ I needed to love myself enough to say no and spend my precious time doing what I love the most. When love is not the centre point of everything you do then you’re not being authentic to yourself.  You will feel unbalanced and life won’t flow. Who wants to live like that?

My biggest realisation was indeed people do value my talent, they like me enough to want to spend time with me and that’s why they ask me to help them out or go places with them. What I didn’t figure at first was if I said no to being ‘on demand’ then these people valued me enough to wait till I had time or respected my choice that I didn’t want to accept their kind invite. Those who didn’t want to wait or got grumpy I wouldn’t go out with them I should wave goodbye too. They’ll always find someone else to help them out who has the time so you don’t have to feel bad. No one should have the right to make demands of you and make you feel guilty.

Setting boundaries and realistic time scales really helped me. Once I learned to do this then I was happy again to help out as it was on my terms. Now I dose myself up with self-love and honour my needs it makes me a stronger person for those around me. It’s not my job to make others happy they have to do that for themselves, just like I’m doing for myself. It’s okay to say no, you might struggle at first but give it a go you’ll feel so much lighter and brighter for it.

Love Seren xx

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