Shifts & Changes

Wow what a great start to April is all I can say. These past two weeks have been great. March was draining I was very physically and mentally tired. All I wanted to do was sleep but my dreams were super busy with lots of astral travel. Meaning I would wake up feeling like I’d done a days work because I had. The planets were busy too as we rode the Mercury Retrograde with a powerful full moon.

March was however a fantastic time for me. My constant whacked state was due to my physical body catching up with the changes of my spiritual body. I’d started a new course of study with my mentor and I was (& still am) reading some old spiritual texts. It was amazing how quick things changed for me and how simple the lessons were to grasp. Whilst my inner self was adjusting to the new information, making leaps & bounds in all the right directions my poor physical body couldn’t keep up. It was literally being left behind. The division of my two parts was extremely evident with the tiredness, sleepless nights & cravings for sugar. (Which I haven’t had in a long time)

Everything I’ve learned over the past six weeks has really settled in now & has been absorbed. I can start living this new truth, integrating my two parts back to balance. I feel so alive again and so very grateful for everything I have right now. I feel cocooned in a pink bubble of happiness. It’s just lovely when these moments of integration happen. When I’m off kilter I look back to these times as a reference point to remember what to do get this feeling back.

I’m seeing random acts of kindness everywhere. Strangers interacting with each other doing the most gracious and caring things. A lady dropped her jacket yesterday in front of me. I thought ‘oh her jacket’ and rushed forward to pick it up to be beaten to it by another kind stranger. Another lady had a tear in her work trousers I noticed from a far. It was a tricky call to make, she obviously didn’t realize as it was in quite a sensitive spot, basically her ass was hanging out! Whilst I thought how shall I approach this, another lady further in front jumped in and subtly mentioned the rip. I sent my gratitude to these wonderful people & hope they are re given too ten fold for their actions. I’m sure they will be.

Another shift that has been occurring for the whole of this year has been with physical exercise. I’ve really struggled with my own personal Bikram practice. I’ve been too drained to get in the room as regularly as I used too. When I’m shifting like this I don’t deal very well in big energy situations, I tend to hibernate. Staying away from the room was my way of dealing. I had a huge mental struggle going on which was fine as my two halves were not as together as usual.

A massive part of my lessons this past two weeks has been to see everyone ‘as one.’ We are all from the same source we see each other in everyone as we are each other. One light with many projections. Does that make sense? It’s hard to explain. With this fresh in my head I was so fired up for some yoga. My body needed to move. The perfect situation to be in a room full of mirrors reflecting back the negative image of the positive soul projections, all-working together and moving together as one. One light, shining. I had a beautiful practice this morning once I’d grasped this concept. No need to feel drowned & bogged down by all the different energy in the room as there is no different energy, just one, all radiating from the same point. I could not have felt more balanced & in unity. After all yoga means unity, now I get this even more deeply.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Do something exceptional today. All the tools you need are inside you already just ask to be shown and use them.

Much love,

Seren xx

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