Oracle Card Reading for New Beginnings


{ORACLE READING} With the energy of New Beginnings upon us I felt today was the perfect time for some extra guidance. Focus on the cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. This is your guidance for today & over the next few days. Scroll down the page for your channelled reading.

Today’s cards are The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh (He created the Ghost Whisper TV show!) published by Hay House Lifestyles.


With love,






Card Pull 27 July 16 3 cards





Card Pull 27 July Card A


{CARD A} Friendship – Our relationships are constantly changing & evolving just like our beings. The friends you have in your life are here to teach you something, as you are here to teach them. Once the Soul contract between the two of you is complete it is natural to move on. This contract may be short or it can last a lifetime. Have a look at the friendships in your life right now. How are they serving you? What lessons are you learning from those close to you? Celebrate all the glorious bonds you have created today & give gratitude for the amazing friends in your life xx




Card Pull 27 July Card B


{CARD B} Freedom – This is a great card right now. You are FREE. If you feel something or someone is holding you back you have the power to release the strong hold. There is nothing you cannot create for yourself. Use “freedom” as your mantra today. The strength behind the single word is magnificent. Keep repeating it over & over until you ‘feel’ the freedom you already possess within you xx




Card Pull 27 July Card C


{CARD C} Courage – It’s scary all this letting go & new beginnings. Going into the unknown takes courage. The best thing is you are FULL of courage. Tap into this today by placing your left hand over your heart & your right on your Solar Plexus. Breathe deeply whilst connecting with your power centre. Face any fears head on, push the obstacles aside & step forward. There are great things to be had on the other side of the fear. Go get it! You are strong; you can do this as you are already doing it without realising. Roar like a lion you powerful, courageous light beam xx

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