Oracle Card Reading 26th October 2016


{ORACLE CARD READING} Now the heavier energy of the weekend has passed I felt it was time to pull some cards!


Focus on the three oracle cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. This is your guidance for today & over the next few days.


Scroll down the page and under each image there is a channeled reading from me.


Make sure you tune into the image on the card too. There may well be some extra meanings that only you can intuit. Notice the colours, shapes, animals & beings as they all hold messages.


Today’s cards are the Magical Times Empowerment cards by Jody Bergsma, U.S Games Systems Inc.

Enjoy, love,










{Card A}

CHANGE – This has been a theme all year don’t you feel? You are now morphing and emerging into a brighter more empowered version of who you were yesterday. Each day we grow and move. These shifts may be subtle or mind blowing massive. Everything you have gone through up to this point is of value to your life adventure. Be grateful for these experiences. Try not to dwell on what could have or should have been. Everything is exactly how it should be. Trust these changes you are going through are leading you in the right direction. Sometimes the road is rocky and other times it is smooth, know each path is equipping you for the next shift. Enjoy xx

Crystal – Amethyst




{Card B}

ANTICIPATION – It’s an exciting time to be here on earth. You chose this incarnation so enjoy it! There is so much opportunity around you right now. Stop for a moment and take it all in. Can you feel the anticipation bubbling up inside for amazing new experiences that are presenting?

Sometimes we close down or don’t pay attention to what we already have. Love is everywhere but we need to let it in. Drop down your barriers, open your eyes wide and invite in all the goodness that you are here to receive. You deserve it! Xx

Crystal – Fuchsite




{Card C}

DANCE – Life is a dance choreographed by your heart (Soul). Allow yourself to be lead in a beautiful waltz by tuning into your Soul rhythm. We can hear the music of our heart when we are still and inward. Then elegantly glide, sway, shimmy or shake in the direction you are drawn. There are no rules, go wild dance if you like as if no one is watching. Dance through each day connecting with everything that brings you the most joy xx

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