Flowers Make Me Happy

The first time I received a bouquet of flowers at the door I was ecstatic & a little over whelmed. I was presented with a huge mixed arrangement that was so stunning I couldn’t stop staring at them.  The nineteen year old me instantly started a new addiction. Being a poor uni student at the time flower buying was a habit I couldn’t really afford every week. Instead I made sure I treated myself to any flowers I saw on sale. The trick is to head to flower shops/markets at the end of the trading day.

Not only do I enjoy bringing flowers into my life, sending flowers to others gives me just as much joy. My Interflora account is very well used, especially as I have a lot of friends & family overseas.

Why do I enjoy flowers so much? I am a visual, creative person. Most of my high school art classes were spent drawing & painting flowers. They have such depth and personality to them as well as vibrant colours and shapes. A room can come alive with a vase of fresh flowers. Pure joy.

Flowers to me represent nature, life, light, growth and health. Flowers are perfection, uninhabited; it amazes me how they just grow, blossom and bloom. How do they know how to do that? The wonders of Mother Nature. That is why I like having flowers in my home, bringing nature in doors.

Since I gave up drinking alcohol I’m saving a heap of money. This money saved from not buying my weekly bottle (or three) of sparkling white now forms my fun fund. Flowers fall into that category. Replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy one. It comes down to happiness now. A bottle of wine might make me happy for one night. The next day not so happy. Flowers bring me pleasure for at least a whole week. Other people who visit or live with me will also gain joy from my flowers resent. If something makes me happy I am more than open to spend my hard earned dollars on it.

The other Saturday I did just that. There is a small independent florist stall by the supermarket I go too. This particular day they had a stunning bouquet of sunflowers for only $20. Why not I thought, they will look lovely in my healing room, especially as I had a full schedule of clients coming over. I’ll tell you something else too. Seven days later they are still going strong & I can see them living a few days longer. Amazing what a room filled with good ju ju can do.

Have you replaced a not so healthy habit with a more positive one that brings you joy? Please share in the comments below.

Love Seren xx

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