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My first blog AWARD!

You can imagine my amazement when I received notification that this very blog has been nominated for ‘The Versatile Blogger’ awards. MASSIVE gratitude & thank you to the beautiful Willow from Willow’s Cabin for my nomination, click right here to visit the post. I’m stoked to have been recognised for my quotes & mantras as I design all my own artwork.

versatile-bloggerThese awards don’t come without some love spreading. The rules for The Versatile Blogger Awards are as follows:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

Here are my 15 nominated blogs (there is a bit of a yoga theme I know!):

#1 True Shining Self
One of the best Angel blogs about I’ve read. Amy writes openly about subjects some may shy away from. Honest, open & deeply personal.

#2 Views from the Podium
An authentic & original insight into Bikram Yoga through the eyes of an instructor. Life the other side of the podium.

#3 My Bikram Life
Awesome personal stories all about the trials & tribulations of practicing Bikram Yoga.

#4 Just here, just now
I love this blog! Raw, inspiring & relatable posts from a true yogini. Elegant use of personal photography.

#5 The War in my Brain –
An up front & personal account of living with OCD. Everyday real life musings.

#6 Yoga Badassery
Amazing illustrations from this talented yogini. I love the variety in Kate’s posts & of course the witty humor.

#7 Endless Love & Light
Beautifully written from the Soul, very inspiring.

#8 Alive in the Fire
An all round good read for yoga lovers. Very well written & researched with passion & dedication.

#9 April Rose
A personal blog by one of Perth’s up & coming high fashion make up artists.

#10 A little yoga in between
Meditation Mondays are wonderful accounts of staying drug free whilst overcoming anxiety & OCD. Yarrow writes with honesty & integrity on a deeply personal level.

#11 Vegetarian in Vegas –
Divine vegetarian recipes that are easy to prepare & beautifully photographed.

#12 Live Love Be Green
Personal stories with a variety of subjects with lot’s of photos. Always something new & interesting to read about.

#13 (Skinny Fat) Skye Lee
A very inspiring blog from fitness model. This lady walks her talk & her photos are a true statement to that. Pandora’s box of all things health & fitness.

#14 Namaste or should I go
Very entertaining stories about traveling & yoga.

#15 Adventures of a Tiny Yogini
Beautiful stories of healing through yoga.

Here’s 7 things about myself:

  • My favourite animal are horses.
  • I’ve always painted in water colours until last year when I taught myself to oil paint.
  • My number one go to tv show is anything reality – current favourite Breaking Pointe.
  • I migrated to Australia eight years ago & now I have dual nationality.
  • I struggled to read The Power of Now so giving the audio book a go.
  • I’m a closet Vampire Academy book series fan.
  • I still buy my favourite Yorkshire tea here in Aus despite it costing three times as much as a local brand!

Many, many thanks again Willow.

Love Kathryn xx

Getting myself out there

A huge part of running my own business has been getting my name out there in order to attract clients. I am extremely blessed that I can use my skills as a graphic designer to produce my own marketing material. Designing my own business cards, flyers & online marketing has been such a joy. Finally using my creative energy for myself! It was very helpful that I used to work for a business printer so everything I have is super fancy & nicely printed. (Techno geeks I got gang run, matt laminate with round corners!!)

Since I started out as a professional healer my reputation grew from word of mouth. This is fantastic I love personal recommendations. I nearly always ask around my friends if I’m looking for a new service or product to see what other people think is good. Now I’d like to spread my word a little wider I’m putting out printed marketing material in certain locations.

My aim is to attract clients who have at least a basic understanding of energy work. They by know means have to be an expert, just have enough of a knowing to be open & ready to make that connection within them selves. The obvious places to start reaching out too are the yoga studios I work at. It was super exciting putting my flyers & cards on display, seeing them out there made it so real for me. I was surprised when all my cards had gone from one studio within two weeks of my putting them out.

Along with my business coach we devised an action plan to achieve more exposure. It was a little scary at first to step out of my comfort zone & send my marketing to a local Lululemon store. It’s a good fear, it will help me grow. Once I saw it on the community table in the store I got that fluttery feeling in my thymus gland. I wish to attract more clients therefore I must spread my net wider. It’s time for me to work with people I may not know personally so I can grow & develop my skills.

Exciting times. My intention has been set & sent out to the universe. Now I must trust the right clients will find their way to me in good time. After all there are enough clients to go around everyone in this world, they will find me when they are ready.

Love K xx

p.s. Check out my ‘Healing Services’ tab at the top of this blog or from my FB page to see my full offering.

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 ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013

(please share the love with full credit thanks)

Food Cravings – my experience

Hands up who finds it hard once the thought of a delicious food treat pops into your mind to let it go? Does it keeps bugging you until give in & eat it? Most of the time after you’ve indulged the guilt kicks in. I’ve been there too the sugar rush high from a chocolate bar is usually short lived once I remember the empty calories I’ve just consumed. Welcome to the world of food cravings.

If you didn’t already know food cravings are linked to our emotions. It’s in our culture to use food as part of celebration rituals, rewards & something to base a social gathering around. Isn’t it wonderful to use food as a centre point for happy times?

What is not so wonderful is when we try to fill an ‘unhappy’ void with food. Remembering those happy food filled times & thinking food will fix it. In reality it was probably the social interactions & the positive energy exchange between the people that created the ‘happy times.’ The food was just an accessory.

From an energetic point of view to stay clean, clear & centred you need to be fueling your body with clean high vibration food. These are foods that come straight from the earth as nature intended, not packaged in a supermarket. Once I became more aware of how food effects my vibration & cleaned up my diet my food cravings literally disappeared. Why? Because when you are nourished & fulfilled from the inside then you don’t need to fill any voids with crap food.

About a month ago I hadn’t realised that I had fallen into an emotional hole. I was so busy doing what I do I somehow managed to miss some important signs. This is normal you can’t expect yourself to be holier than thou 24/7. Also I hadn’t realised that my spiritual hygiene routine was overdue a change. It wasn’t serving me anymore as I’d literally out grown it (Separate post coming soon). This meant I wasn’t releasing as much dense energy & it was building up inside.

I was going through a huge emotional overhaul in my life. I was right in the middle of working my notice on my day job. Feelings of entrapment and boredom were ripe. Hello food cravings!

First I hit the salty chips. I do buy chips for my partner but I rarely eat them myself. That week I couldn’t get enough, literally ramming them into my mouth as I was cooking a healthful dinner. The following week I turned to ice cream. Again, I never keep it in the house, as I don’t eat it. One weekend I really fancied pancakes with ice cream & strawberries so bought a litre. It never even saw the pancakes! Even my partner commented with disbelief I was eating ice cream.

By the end of that week the alarm bells finally sung out. I opened Doreen Virtues book Constant Craving & if by magic it opened on the ‘crunchy salty food craving’ chapter.

Doreen (who has a Ph.D. degree in counselling psychology) explains when you crave crunchy food, especially salty crunchy food it translates into suppressed anger. You literally need to get that anger out by crunching on something. What do you do when you’re angry? Clench your jaw right? It’s the same reaction, forceful strong biting with the molars.

It made sense to me. I was angry. I’d given five weeks notice on my job & it was too much. I wanted to be done so I could get on with my own work that I was passionate about. The anger was bubbling up over the mind numbing jobs I had to do. Frustration central.

What about the ice cream? Craving dairy products is a sign of depression. Super! First I was angry then depressed (but not to the extent of needing help, just a little down). Again it made sense, anger followed by sadness. Once I consulted Doreen’s book and identified the issue I could take action & deal. It’s not enough to recognise something is wrong and then sit back doing nothing. ‘You’ need to stop it, especially if it’s potentially damaging, before it spirals into something worse. If you are unsure how seek professional advice.

I made sure I was taking more stillness time during the day. Connecting within when I felt the anger or sadness bubble up. During this time I was shown images of the happiness I had in my present life that I should be grateful for. Focusing on the many more positive, happy things I had going on served me better than getting grumpy about the minute things that weren’t. The universe stepped in too like it does & I received some wise words, just two sentences, from my Mentor reminding me also to celebrate how far I had come in my journey. Most importantly she advised me to enjoy my last week in the city job.

Boom! If by magic again the food cravings vanished & I was in control. I’d spent two weeks focusing on the negative hence I was receiving just as much negative back. Once I was back on the ‘happy thoughts’ everything became lighter & brighter again. I embraced my final week in the corporate world with love.

Next time you get a craving for something you don’t usually eat. Check in with your emotions through stillness or meditation. See if there is something you have suppressed that is now showing up in a food craving.

Love K xx

p.s. Please seek professional medical advice if you have any strong feelings or symptoms that are physically effecting your health or daily life. This post is my personal experience of a very mild energetic block that I treated myself as a qualified holistic practitioner.


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