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New Year Oracle Card Reading


Let’s kick off 2017 with an oracle card reading. The beautiful cards I’m using here are from the divine Rachelle Charman & they are her brand new Chakra Reading Cards published by Rockpool.


Focus on the cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. It’s interesting that these cards all read fantastically by themselves or as a collective. If you’ve felt the pull to all three cards perhaps read them from left to right or however you are directed from spirit.



Scroll down the page below for your FREE reading. Enjoy and I hope the Chakra Reading cards bring you clarity and guidance today.





Card A – Nurturing – Earth Star Chakra



How you been neglecting your needs recently? Your Soul is calling to you today for some nurturing time. If you’ve felt tired, worn out, lacking lustre for life and altogether run down take this as a sign you need to recharge.


Nurturing can be anything you wish. Is there an activity you crave and never seem to have time to partake in? It’s important right now for you to take time out for yourself. Go for a walk in nature, read a book, swim in the sea or connect with your bestie. Do something that makes you feel alive. Get spontaneous, drop everything and follow your heart. Surely stuff can wait a few hours or days.


Today’s card is a reminder that you need to nurture yourself often to keep the flow moving in life. It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to do something fun and different. Everyday is worth a celebration. Enjoy xx


In the long-term start to plan something big and exciting to look forward too. If there is a place you’ve always wanted to travel too perhaps now is the time to research into making that happen. Enjoy xx




Card B – Peace – Crown Chakra



Peace is the natural state we were born to live in. Life gets on top of us at times and we become disconnected. If the stresses of life have piled up for you remember to step back and find your peace within. It is there for each of us to access at anytime. The key is to be still, take yourself away from the external distractions and demands so you can return to the Soul state of peace.


Meditation is the perfect and easiest way to connect with peace. If you’ve never tried meditation look up online for free guided recordings. These are a great way to get started. Walking meditation out in nature is a wonderful way to come back to centre. Take time to just ‘be.’ Breathe and let go, surrender to the moment.


When we are still and invite in our inner peace great healing can occur. This can assist in bringing balance and calm back to our lives. When our inner world is peaceful our outer world will reflect this back xx





Card C – Angels and Masters – Soul Star Chakra



This card carries the strong message that we are never alone. Our spirited support network is right by our sides all of the time. We just need to remember they are there and to ask for their help. Ascended Masters and Angels are the highest vibrational beings in our Universe. Each has Master and Angel has his or her own unique skills and talents. For example Archangel Michael is our protector angel. Call upon Michael when you need some support or strength. He just loves assisting us with cutting etheric cords and taking care of them by recycling the energy into higher vibes.


Today’s card may be asking you to discover more about the different Angels and Masters? The best way to learn and build trust in the unknown, especially the invisible realms is to do research. Education can release fear. In meditation ask to be shown who is close by and if they have any messages for you. Look out for signs and symbols to confirm your guides are with you. Seeing or visualising a green light in your minds eye can mean Archangel Raphael the angel of healing is present. Seeing the number 3, 33 or 333 is a sign the Ascended Masters are watching over you.


Have fun getting to know your guides xx


Side Note:


I found it super interesting that as a collective the numbers of the cards all had the number 3 in them in ascending order. This all lead to the Angels and Masters cards. With the start of a fresh new cycle in numerology we are being asked more than ever to look outside of our human perceptions. This year will see even more people waking up and remembering there is more to this life than the material and obvious. Our spirit guides are giving us all a nudge to connect and believe. It’s time to wake up even more. Once you start to work with you support team and see the results all doubt will melt away.


Feel free to let me know how you got along with today’s reading by leaving a comment below.


Till soon, love,





For more information on Rachelle and today’s cards click the links:.



Oracle Card Reading 26th October 2016


{ORACLE CARD READING} Now the heavier energy of the weekend has passed I felt it was time to pull some cards!


Focus on the three oracle cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. This is your guidance for today & over the next few days.


Scroll down the page and under each image there is a channeled reading from me.


Make sure you tune into the image on the card too. There may well be some extra meanings that only you can intuit. Notice the colours, shapes, animals & beings as they all hold messages.


Today’s cards are the Magical Times Empowerment cards by Jody Bergsma, U.S Games Systems Inc.

Enjoy, love,










{Card A}

CHANGE – This has been a theme all year don’t you feel? You are now morphing and emerging into a brighter more empowered version of who you were yesterday. Each day we grow and move. These shifts may be subtle or mind blowing massive. Everything you have gone through up to this point is of value to your life adventure. Be grateful for these experiences. Try not to dwell on what could have or should have been. Everything is exactly how it should be. Trust these changes you are going through are leading you in the right direction. Sometimes the road is rocky and other times it is smooth, know each path is equipping you for the next shift. Enjoy xx

Crystal – Amethyst




{Card B}

ANTICIPATION – It’s an exciting time to be here on earth. You chose this incarnation so enjoy it! There is so much opportunity around you right now. Stop for a moment and take it all in. Can you feel the anticipation bubbling up inside for amazing new experiences that are presenting?

Sometimes we close down or don’t pay attention to what we already have. Love is everywhere but we need to let it in. Drop down your barriers, open your eyes wide and invite in all the goodness that you are here to receive. You deserve it! Xx

Crystal – Fuchsite




{Card C}

DANCE – Life is a dance choreographed by your heart (Soul). Allow yourself to be lead in a beautiful waltz by tuning into your Soul rhythm. We can hear the music of our heart when we are still and inward. Then elegantly glide, sway, shimmy or shake in the direction you are drawn. There are no rules, go wild dance if you like as if no one is watching. Dance through each day connecting with everything that brings you the most joy xx

Oracle Card reading – 24th August 2016


{ORACLE READING} With the power surge of positive empowering energy following Full Moon last week I felt it was time for an oracle card reading.

I was drawn to using cards from three different decks today. Focus on the cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. This is your guidance for today & over the next few days. Scroll down the page for your channeled reading.

Enjoy! Love,






Card Pull 24 Aug 3 cards






Card Pull 24 Aug Card A


{CARD A} Goddess
From Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue, Hay House.

You are such a powerful and strong divine being. Even if you are male we all have a feminine side we can bring forward. Goddess is asking you to connect with your compassionate, loving and nurturing self today.

Have you been looking after yourself with the respect you deserve? Self-care is very important right now under the current cycle. Honour this in a way that will nourish you on all levels.

Allow your femininity to flow and flourish. I’m feeling today’s message is about softening, relaxing and creating something beautiful. Even if your inner Goddess is more of a Zena Warrior Princess bring elegance to this strength. We all express ourselves in different ways. How can you invite more of your Goddess out to show the world you courageous, yet gentle loving self today? xx




Card Pull 24 Aug Card B


{CARD B} Let your inner beauty shine – Pink Rose.
From Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves, Hay House.

This is a good one. Have you been hiding yourself away recently? It’s normal retreat a little during eclipse season, as we may not be feeling too shiny as it feels like we are going through the spin cycle. Remember you might just be the inspiration someone else needs right now whilst they are going through their stuff. Your story may assist others to stand in their power as they will realise we are all one and no one is alone.

Connect with the beauty of Pink Rose today. We are all created in the eye of perfection and divine love. Our souls only know perfection and will tell you this every single day if you just listen. You are perfect. Stand tall, step out of the shadows and shine brighter than ever, as this is your time! The spot light is waiting but its up to you to take the first step forward xx




Card Pull 24 Aug Card C


{CARD C} Doubt
From The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh, Hay House.

Doubt is a gift to let us know we are going in the right direction and making positive change. It’s the equal and opposite of confidence. You must be feeling confident for it’s shadow to present therefore. Step forward with certainty you are going good.

We do not need to know every last detail in life. The adventure is in the discovery along the way. How awesome is it to find out new, unexpected things or stumble down a side road to discover gold?

Trust any doubt is there to reassure you today that everything is as it should be. Acknowledge it then move. Relax and surrender to the Universal plan that’s got your back xx

Oracle Card Reading for New Beginnings


{ORACLE READING} With the energy of New Beginnings upon us I felt today was the perfect time for some extra guidance. Focus on the cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn too first? Try not to second guess it, follow your intuition. This is your guidance for today & over the next few days. Scroll down the page for your channelled reading.

Today’s cards are The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh (He created the Ghost Whisper TV show!) published by Hay House Lifestyles.


With love,






Card Pull 27 July 16 3 cards





Card Pull 27 July Card A


{CARD A} Friendship – Our relationships are constantly changing & evolving just like our beings. The friends you have in your life are here to teach you something, as you are here to teach them. Once the Soul contract between the two of you is complete it is natural to move on. This contract may be short or it can last a lifetime. Have a look at the friendships in your life right now. How are they serving you? What lessons are you learning from those close to you? Celebrate all the glorious bonds you have created today & give gratitude for the amazing friends in your life xx




Card Pull 27 July Card B


{CARD B} Freedom – This is a great card right now. You are FREE. If you feel something or someone is holding you back you have the power to release the strong hold. There is nothing you cannot create for yourself. Use “freedom” as your mantra today. The strength behind the single word is magnificent. Keep repeating it over & over until you ‘feel’ the freedom you already possess within you xx




Card Pull 27 July Card C


{CARD C} Courage – It’s scary all this letting go & new beginnings. Going into the unknown takes courage. The best thing is you are FULL of courage. Tap into this today by placing your left hand over your heart & your right on your Solar Plexus. Breathe deeply whilst connecting with your power centre. Face any fears head on, push the obstacles aside & step forward. There are great things to be had on the other side of the fear. Go get it! You are strong; you can do this as you are already doing it without realising. Roar like a lion you powerful, courageous light beam xx

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