Leo New Moon Card Reading


{ORACLE READING} It’s New Moon in Leo today and the Solar Eclipse, 2:30 am WA time. How has your creativity been flowing over the past four weeks? Mine has been off the scale, planning, plotting and beavering away secretly in the background. These are all the seeds I am planting for projects later on in the year and even next year. Stepping out of the shadows and breaking free of my perceived limitations. There are no limits the universe does not have a roof!

Some of us may feel it’s a time for a huge life overhaul, even a rebirth or real birth. The birth of the being you are right now. We may only have one physical birth in our human life, but that does not mean we cannot have many energetic births over our lifetime here.

Under this New Moon energy, the energy of NEW, can you bring forth into the world something love and heart centred? Do you light up at the thought of this creation/idea? Could it even bring some joy to others as a knock on effect?

I felt drawn to sharing a card reading today in celebration of New Moon. Focus on the three cards in the image. Which card are you instantly drawn to first? Avoid second-guessing, follow your intuition. It’s interesting that these cards all read fantastically by themselves or as a collective. Maybe all three cards are attracting you? Then perhaps read them from left to right or however, you choose.

Scroll down the page below for your reading.

Today’s cards are The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh, published by Hay House Life Styles.





{Card A}

Adversity – Sometimes the road can be rough, this builds your strength. A muscle does not grow stronger if the only thing it lifts is a feather. Look at all challenges that present as ways of learning and growing. There is always an equal and opposite. A perceived negative will always have a flip side of positive. What can you learn from what you are going through right now? Look for the love and the positive this way you can release the struggle quickly and trust the hard work will pay back xx




{Card B}

Doubt – We will never know everything and who would want too? If we knew the all the answers life would become dull very quickly as there would be nothing to discover. It is very true all we need to know is inside of us already yet we rarely will learn it all in one lifetime. The journey and the learning are infinite. Do you doubt yourself today? If so step back and ask why. Are the people around you or external sources trying to influence your decisions? They do not know what is best for you and books all only carry suggestions. Take what you need and leave the rest. You can always come back to it later. Appreciate the resources available but ultimately choose what is feeling like a good fit for your life right now. I’m feeling some of you maybe racing along to keep up with your peers. Stop following someone else’s route, turn around and find a track that suits your needs xx




{Card C}

Empathy – There are always two sides to everything, the equal and the opposite. We can never know what is going on inside of a person or how their day has been. If someone is lashing out at your today, try not to take it personally or write that person off as mean. Something may have triggered an emotional outburst. It may feel right for them to project in that exact moment but I’m sure they will step back later and realise there could have been a more loving way to handle the situation. Even the person who is shiny, happy and openly loving today might be dying inside. They may be hiding deep wounds or emotions but staying upbeat as their way of dealing. We just never know.

Have empathy for all you come in contact with today. Also, be loving towards yourself. If you find yourself reacting in a way that your realise later wasn’t from a place of love, be kind, don’t berate yourself, acknowledge, learn and move on xx

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